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Started by zetta81, Sep 06, 2022, 12:24 AM

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zetta81Topic starter

Hi, please tell me where can I get full lists of gTLD domain names?
And please tell me another normal service where full lists of drop domains are displayed.


The pre-order scheme works like that, the greater the value of the domain name (the number of bids, the price), the more resources are spent on catching it. I.e., theoretically, there are chances to catch a three-piece for one registrar against 1000/10000 registrars of a competitor, but practically there are none, because it does not make much sense to freeze 5-10 K on deposit with such chances if you are not an enthusiast with a deep pocket and do not believe in statistics.
And then, let's say you caught it with a nouname, the same DropCatch and Phoenix, as far as I understand, all the fat goes to a public auction, at which, again, the price will be accelerated to the average market, and more often higher, because when the domain is caught by interception, the chances of getting it when buying are greater than when buying at a GD auction, for instance.