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Started by Johnny007, Sep 19, 2022, 12:04 AM

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Looking back, Namebio announced the sale of 357 new gtld domains. Last month it was 411. Total sales last month were $298,900 and $522,600.
The average price per sale fell to $874 from $1,234 last month.


Unlike sales of domains on trading platforms, sales by domain registrars are not recorded directly to the client. Therefore, it is difficult to find reliable information about such sales, although there are probably large deals among them.

So, recently at the Rightside investor conference, the company's director Tarin Naidu said that the company recently sold one of the domain names in the zone .GAMES for $179,000. In his opinion, this is the largest domain sale in New gTLD at the moment.

Perhaps it is. Prior to that, the network has repeatedly reported larger sales, but their reliability is questionable.
For instance, Radix Registry recently announced the sale of the domain to Meredith Publishing for $260,000.
But, when the experts decided to clarify the details of the transaction with the company's representatives, it turned out that the cost was reduced in exchange for the publisher refusing to actively use the domain. That is, there was no sale for $ 260,000.

Earlier, GMO Registry director Hiro Tsukahara reported sales of sе and domain names at a price of "just under half a million dollars for each domain."
But the owner of these domain names is still listed as GMO Registry. Perhaps someone reported their intention to purchase a domain name, but did not pay for the transaction.