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Started by brknny, Jul 14, 2022, 11:58 AM

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The .tel zone is fundamentally different from all others.
The main difference is that .tel domains CANNOT host your sites.

The main thing you can do is customize the domain page with contact information.
Additional things you can do: specify access rights for other .tel domain owners to your personal contacts.


For many people, who connected with domains and domaining, a quite adequate question arises - for WHY?

I recall the failure of the .MOBI zone, which, according to ICANN, was supposed to be "designed for sites and services focused on working with mobile phones and wireless devices."
With a rather brisk start, just two years after the start of its existence, the .MOBI zone goes into oblivion with the passive observation of this process by its eminent sponsors: Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, etc. and ICANN itself.

However, despite the pessimism and negativity encountered, with the right approach of sponsors and the further development of the technical base, .TEL has the prospect of becoming the first zone that will justify itself and come out of a number of far-fetched and artificial first level domains implemented by the "non-profit" organization ICANN.

The founders of .TEL see this domain as the world's phone book of the future, where the user can store any contact information (including current location, addresses, phone numbers, Internet messengers, VOIP services, contact details of social and professional Internet networks, and others).
It will then be possible to provide access levels for different types of users.


The .TEL domain is intended for communication companies (for example, call centers) that want to work through DNS, which is very convenient and economical - you do not need to order storage, site management, and all contacts can be displayed in one. place. The field is very effective in terms of website promotion in search engines. Convenient communication and management.  I recommend buying a domain in the .TEL zone to those whose interests are connected with integration into the Internet and communication.


Domain zone .TEL, created to place contact data in a convenient standard format, is one of the most unique phenomena in the domain name world.
But, uniqueness and innovation do not guarantee a successful business. In 2008, investors invested more than $ 35 million in its development and continued to provide assistance further, but .TEL has not found a response from users. Administrator.TEL, the Telnic company, went into a loss.

In this regard, the management of Telnic decided to change course. According to the new contract with ICANN, in the zone .TEL restrictions will be lifted, which make it possible to use domain names only for posting contact data in a certain format. Now in the zone .TEL it will be possible to create any websites in any form. The old contract with ICANN ended.

However, experts doubt that .TEL, even as a regular domain name zone, will be profitable.
Its only advantage may be "old-fashioned" and the ability to register individual valuable domain names of the type ho.tel , hos.tel etc. There are already new gTLDs among them .PHONE, .CONTACT and some other domain zones with a similar value.