Tell me which investment, financial, coin domain zones exist?

Started by RZA2008, Jul 10, 2022, 08:15 AM

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RZA2008Topic starter

Hello. Please tell me which investment, financial, coin domain zones exist?


What else are there?

And also interested in the domain zones of institutions (clubs, cafes, bars, restaurants)

I know .cafe, .club, .bar

What else are there?

Do not pass by, please share what you know) I need everything.

I would be very grateful for your help

(By the way, there is a separate question. I read about the .coin domain zone on the Internet, but did not find where they register. Do they register in this domain zone at all?)

Thanks again to everyone.


You expect that everything will be done for you, the entire selection of domains you need and will be laid out on a silver platter?
I think it's just that no one needs it except for you on the forum. Why would someone deal with lists of all new zones and classify them specifically for you?

Here's the links below. Press ctrl + F on the site and search for the queries you are interested in.

Aditi Barman

The most popular new domain zone of financial topics is .loan. More than 24 thousand domain names are registered in that zone. Zones were also in the top in popularity .fund and .cash - they have over 15 and 14 thousand registrations, respectively.

Other popular zones included .money, .exchange, .finance and .tax.

According to experts, by registering domain names in new zones, financial institutions can solve different tasks. First of all, marketing issues, because a domain in such a zone attracts the user's attention in advertising, and also informs a potential client about the main services provided. The latter is relevant for search results, when the user needs to convey as much information as possible in a compressed form so that he clicks on the promoted link.

The domain can also solve security issues. For instance, registration in the zone .bank is available only to representatives of banking structures and it is impossible for false banks and other fraudulent resources to appear in it. Currently, 2670 domain names are registered in that zone.

Zones .FINANCE and .FINANCIAL will be of interest to representatives of the financial industry, regardless of the specifics of their activities. Domains .INVESTMENTS and .EXCHANGE is best suited for banks, investment funds, business angels, as well as Internet services related to currency exchange, trading and financial analytics.

Zone .CARDS can be a good solution for launching a landing page where the bank will provide an opportunity to order a credit or debit card.

For organizations providing lending services, domain zones will be the best choice .CASH and .MONEY. On resources with domains such as EASYCREDIT.MONEY or FASTCREDIT.CASH, company owners will be able to effectively offer loans, and using only the domain name to inform potential customers about their specialization.

"Banks and the banking system are the basis of a market economy, without which it cannot exist. In recent years, banks and other financial companies have been trying to get away from the image of super-serious organizations with a developed bureaucratic structure and be much closer to customers.
Specialized domain name zones, such as .CARDS or .CASH, will help representatives of the financial sector to become clearer to users."