Discussion of .Estate and .Realestate Domains

Started by moonlife447, Jul 09, 2022, 02:19 AM

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moonlife447Topic starter

I want to read opinions, so I took the risk of opening a separate topic for .Estate and .Realestate.
I consider them one of the more interesting ones.
Let's discuss them here?

There are many .estate domains at the Sedo auction.


It is better not to discuss, but to arrange a silent boycott.
In general, don't tell the end users, that there is such an exotic DZs.
Let them live in .COMs, they will be able to earn at least something.

Large developers or builders and other real estate tycoons will buy whatever they want, or rather, large ones already have websites, and small ones will not go broke on an indistinct domain.

Without domainers money, these zones will die before they were born.


1. The end users do not read this domain forum and so on, well, maybe just for fun. The End users  count the money. Those who invest large sums in the network will never fall for any hype and PR. That's why they have something to invest.
2. There are also developers who work for these very end investors. They're all here. And these new zones are no secret to them. But they also understand that by advising the end of the domain name in this zone, they firstly make themselves hemorrhoids in terms of promotion, and secondly, they can simply lose the client in case of bankruptcy and closure of that zone. But the first point is quite enough.
3. It is necessary to write about these domain zones on the domaining forums, at least in order to save money for novice would-be home investors. It seems to be someone else's money - whatever? No! We are doing a common cause, and it is in our interests to capture as much domain name space as possible.