What is the popularity reason of the .IO zone?

Started by ruschan, Aug 05, 2022, 09:17 AM

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ruschanTopic starter

I often see websites in the .io domain zone (including startups). Well, let's say more often than .pro, .fm, .cc, .in, .eu or even .tv.
I wonder which is the reason for its popularity? The zone is expensive, maybe some words end in io (like "vis.io"), well, except that "input / output" comes to mind.


Letters "i" and "o" are next to each other, easy to type on the keyboard.
Popular among startups, promoted, considered fashionable etc..

Recently, one person said me that .io is new, and .com is old, such associations, he is an IT specialist.
I think it's related to github, where many developers hang out and distributes github.io subdomains. From there, various startups and a good image among IT people go further.