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Started by SerenMckay, Sep 02, 2022, 07:41 AM

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SerenMckayTopic starter

Dear forum members, do you think it's worth investing in .xyz zone?
really a lot of good domains are occupied, I just wonder then if there is no sense Why there is such a demand for this Zone.


Well, unless something very cool, like banking, credit, loans, video, etc. is unambiguous and commercial. Well, in En, maybe the words can be taken a little easier. And so the zone itself, although relatively popular, is popular on all sorts of doorways, GSEs and scams. I don't see a future for it. At least for the future secondary market.
Well, they seemed to arrange free giveaways at one time. And even now it costs a penny, plus some kind of PR from Google in the form of abc.xyz. Again, there were no serious projects in sight. In fact, the Chinese and doorway workers picked up, so they made statistics. Doorway cheaters have also boosted karma. It looks like a bubble, I don't see the potential for domainers. This is, the zone is somewhat similar to .info, only without a history and with a vague future.

I don't want to dissuade, I may be very wrong. As you know, it is an exclusively subjective opinion of a person who is not a professional in the domain business. If there is an extra penny, why not differentiate. It may not go much into the negative, but decent earnings are also unlikely. Somehow I don't trust that new zone.