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Started by Vitaliys, Jul 03, 2022, 10:15 AM

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Prices for domains in international zones are directly linked to the dollar, which has changed significantly compared to last year. In this regard, we are forced to raise prices for registration and re-registration of domains in the COM, NET, ORG, INFO zones and in other international zones. Prices for domains in Ukrainian zones remain unchanged.

In addition, at the end of 2021, electricity prices were significantly (1.5-2 times) increased for law firms, in connection with this, Ukrainian data centers significantly (by 30% or more) increased prices for their services. Since our server equipment is located in the best data centers in Ukraine, with the highest level of reliability, we are also forced to raise prices for hosting, mail hosting and VPS/VDS services by 5-15%.


Thank you, the post was very informative! What do you think is going to happen next? Will this increase influence the salary of the net engineers? Can it lead to the decrease of the number of different harmful sites?


Quote from: Jul on Jul 23, 2022, 10:22 AMThank you, the post was very informative! What do you think is going to happen next? Will this increase influence the salary of the net engineers? Can it lead to the decrease of the number of different harmful sites?
No way to reduce malicious sites. On the contrary, I think there will be much more of them, as well as various kinds of scammers. The same is true with salaries. The crisis is all the same and I see no weighty reasons to raise wages. My opinion.


Good day! Thank you very much for the information. we will follow the news.Let's hope the situation improves! All the best! :)  :)  :)


Thank you very much for the detailed post about price changes for domains and hosting. It was very important to learn about such information. You always want to learn about new news in time: and you did it.


The US Department of Commerce expressed doubts about the legality of such a price increase and launched an investigation that lasted more than a month. The director of VeriSign, Jim Bidzos, shortly after the appearance in the media of open information about the conflict with the US government, said that there were no complaints against the company, and a new contract would be signed soon.
But, as it turned out, these words were aimed only at reassuring VeriSign partners.
Đ«ensational news was announced: the US Department of Commerce prohibits VeriSign from raising the cost of registration operations in the zone .COM, and the maximum domain name price should not exceed $7.85. Now, according to the terms of the contract, VeriSign can increase the cost of domains only by special agreement with the US Department of Commerce and only in force majeure circumstances (major security problems on the Internet or sudden changes in the economic situation).

Thus, the company had to conclude a new agreement on domain name registration in the zone .COM for a period of six years (until November 30, 2018), and there is no longer a scanadal clause about increasing the cost of domains in the zone .CATFISH by 7%.
The head of the Ministry of Commerce, Larry Strickling, said that the new contract has become much more profitable for consumers, and at the same time does not pose a threat to DNS security, since it stipulates that, if necessary, VeriSign will be able to agree on a temporary increase in domain prices in the event of a sharp increase in protection costs. Recall that VeriSign justified the price increase precisely by spending on protection against cyber attacks and possible technical failures.

Concluding a contract without raising prices is beneficial to all domain name owners in the zone  .COM, especially large companies that register many domains in order to protect their trademarks. For example, more than 91,000 names are registered in the name of Microsoft, and most of them are in the .COM zone. Also, entrepreneurs engaged in the domain name business, who also have hundreds and thousands of names in their portfolio, will be happy about that.
ICANN has somewhat damaged its reputation with its desire for profit at any cost, but the US government has done what ICANN itself should have done according to its own charter: manage the domain registration policy in the interests of all Internet users.