Vantage Data Centers expands into Berlin and Warsaw

Started by john515, Jun 30, 2022, 11:22 AM

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Vantage announced its new greenfield campuses in Berlin and Warsaw are now operational, according to Capacity [nofollow].

In Berlin, Vantage has completed the first data center on its 13-acre, two-building campus, located near the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Once fully developed, the campus will feature 32MW across 24,000 square metres.

In Warsaw, it completed the first facility on a 12-acre campus. Once completed, the two-data center campus will offer 48MW of critical IT capacity across 36,000 square metres.

Both projects broke ground in 2021 after Vantage launched in Europe in early 2020.

Vantage also has campuses in Frankfurt, Zurich and Cardiff, and is building second campuses in Berlin and Frankfurt, along with new campuses in Milan and Johannesburg.


Data centers have the following advantages:

Constant humidity. Air humidity indicators correspond to the required standards and range from 23% to 46%, such figures are supported by special hardware.
Thanks to that, there is no risk of static electricity and condensation, and, therefore, breakdown of machines is impossible.
No dust. Even barely visible particles can become a serious threat to the correct operation of servers. Dust causes short circuits, reduced ventilation, and even overheating of internal components. In data centers, a dedusting process is carried out, which helps to achieve almost complete "sterility" inside the premises.

Constant temperature. For proper operation of the equipment, it is necessary to maintain an average temperature of 17-28 degrees Celsius, however, for different parts of the server, the indicators may vary. Data centers take this factor into account, which contributes to setting the correct temperature.
Required electricity.
Maintaining a constant voltage, power and frequency is required so that the machines do not deteriorate during operation. To do this, DC power supplies and stabilizers are used in the data center. Thanks to industrial generators, even in the absence of electricity for 1-3 days, the necessary operation of the servers is maintained.
Server maintenance. The physical security of equipment is an important aspect of the continuity of your business processes. It is very difficult to ensure proper security and reliability in an office environment, while modern video surveillance systems are used for this in the DC.
Noise suppression. Fans installed in equipment are a constant source of noise. However, in data centers, system isolation is not required, because the noise produced does not bother anyone.

Use of 2-4 Internet providers. A common cause of equipment downtime is due to a problem with your ISP. Data centers partner with multiple organizations to reroute traffic in the event of an emergency and protect systems from hаcking.
At first glance, it may seem that keeping servers in an office space and managing them yourself is much more profitable and easier. However, with detailed calculations, it turns out that you take the risks of downtime and equipment breakdown, as well as paying high electricity tariffs and maintaining the necessary safety standards. Turning to data centers for help, you can additionally avoid the rapid obsolescence and wear of machines.