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Started by jackjenny63, Oct 30, 2022, 08:57 AM

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We welcome you, dear visitors! Let me introduce you to Host4biz hosting provider and present our services and services to your attention.

A little about us:
We have been working since 2011 and today we offer almost the entire range of hosting services: virtual hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and much more in several parts of the globe: in Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany and the USA, and at the moment we are preparing to open a site in Poland.
We work with both individuals and legal entities (we conclude contracts with Ukrainian legal entities), we accept all major electronic payments.

Our services:
Virtual hosting from $2/month - the main properties and features of the service:

    SSD drives - excellent data access speed
    CloudLinux 7 OS is an operating system optimized for hosting services
    The absence of many of the usual hosting limits: the main resources that are limited are the processor, memory and disk access speed, as on a VPS
    PHP Selector - in addition to the main version of PHP (5.4), the client can choose an alternative (5.2-7.0) and use them for different sites on the account
    Automatic installation of popular CMS in a few mouse clicks
    Unlimited traffic
    Free trial period of 7 days
    Daily backup to multiple backup servers
    Choice of location - two locations are now available: Ukraine and the UK

Virtual VPS servers from $11/month - main features and features of the service:

    Hypervisor (virtualization system) KVM - ordered server resources are guaranteed to be always available
    A wide selection of disk templates - popular versions of Linux and FreeBSD both with and without pre-installed control panels
    Possibility of self-reboot/reinstallation of the server
    Unlimited traffic
    Weekly backup
    Discounts on related services (backup hosting)

Especially for forum users - 30% discount for the first 3 months of using the VPS service with the promo code WEBMASTERS2016
More information about the service:

Backup hosting from $0.026/1GB per month - main features and features of the service:

    Unlimited traffic
    Web interface for viewing files on the server
    Access via FTP, Rsync, SCP protocols
    Wherever your projects are located, a backup copy of the data on a separate backup server will never be superfluous.

Dedicated server rental - the main properties and features of the service:

    Choosing a location suitable for you: Great Britain, Germany, USA or Ukraine
    Permanent IP-KVM with Virtual Media
    Web interface for viewing the server status and restarting it
    Unlimited traffic
    Enterprise-class disks
    Equipment of well-known brands - Dell and Supermicro
    Free server installation

More information about the service:

In addition, we offer our clients all related hosting services:

    domain registration (DNS hosting as a gift!);
    a wide selection of SSL certificates;
    licenses on the control panel from ISPsystem for your projects.

We also have an affiliate program: each of our clients, when registering in billing, connects to it automatically and can receive up to 25% of the orders of each attracted client (depending on the services ordered by them).

Thank you for your attention and we will be glad to see you among the Host4biz customers!

Our contacts:
Tel.: +380 44 383 29 29, +48 22 273 01 82
E-mail: department) (support)


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