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Started by glassofblackwater, Sep 27, 2022, 02:02 PM

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One of the hosting selection criteria is the operating system used, since the software that will support the functionality of the services in the future depends on it.  An important aspect of describing hosting is the availability of such services and features.


Hello, I am a beginner and I want to open my own website for running my own business online. I use. Windows operating system, tell me which hosting is better to use? And what features you need to pay attention to when choosing?


If you have no experience in hosting administration, then choose shared hosting. it does not require special professional skills from the owner. As the site develops and the number of visitors increases, you will be able to transfer your resource from virtual hosting to a more powerful VPS / VDS or a dedicated server.


Hello. Could you please provide me a few hosting variants for beginners, I use windows operating system, what do you think about cloud hosting? Is it safe and reliable? Don't I need it? I have approximately 500 visitors a day.


    Geographical location of servers
If your site has a regional audience, then when choosing paid hosting companies, the first thing to take care of is not only the price-quality ratio, but also the physical location of the server.
The  server must be located in the desired region and have the appropriate IP address. In this way, search engines determine the location of your site, which adds relevance to queries for residents of the region. For sites that do not have a regional binding, this rule can be ignored.

An equally important point is the speed of web hosting. In particular, this concerns the speed of loading pages on the site. It is easy to guess that with long page loads, the site visitor will feel discomfort and will most likely leave it ahead of time. And this indicates signs of a low-quality site.
This fact will be necessarily known to the search engine and penalties will soon be imposed on the site. With active seo events, this is unacceptable!

  Technical support
On paid hosting, as a rule, it is necessarily present. If you encounter any problems related to the operation of web server, you can always unsubscribe to technical support and get the necessary operational advice.
The faster the problem is solved, the less likely it is that the search engine will notice interruptions in the operation of your website.


There are four types of hosting from that you can choose hosting.
1)Virtual Private Server Hosting.
2)Cloud Hosting
3)Dedicated Hosting
4)Shared Hosting