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Started by messnct, Oct 09, 2022, 11:27 AM

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Even if you are a client of a decent web hosting company, which can be counted on the fingers on the market, you will be interested in our offer.
In business, it is important to try new things, look for the best solutions, optimize costs and your time.
If you are a client of a hosting company with which you constantly have problems - our offer will interest you doubly.
Why? Because we will save you (and your projects) from unprofessional technical support, unstable and outdated equipment, downtime and stress.
Compare with what you have, make the best decision and do not be afraid to lose, because we will provide you with a VPS for the first months absolutely free of charge!

How do I get 6 free months? We will tell you below.
Everything that you most likely pay your hosting provider for is already included in each tariff plan:

✅ Double the power on each VPS tariff.

We have increased resources by 2 times, so that even with our minimum starting tariffs for $ 5, no other tariff for the same price from our competitors could stand comparison.

✅ Free transfer of resources.

No matter how many projects you have, we will carefully and professionally transfer them without stopping work.

✅ Free administration.

✅ Free monitoring-auto-notification.

You can forget about tickets and sleep peacefully at night. The smart system monitors the availability of your projects 24/7 and, noticing any smallest failure, notifies our admins without your participation.

✅ Free automatic backup.

So that you never find out how unpleasant it is to lose data. We keep 4 backups for the last month. They are not in danger of anything, even your accidental mistake.

✅ Free protection against ddos attacks with a capacity of up to 1200 Gbit/s. Available only on our rates in the Netherlands.

Why are we so sure that you will like it here?
✔️ More than 16 years of experience. More than 50,000, both simple and very complex clients. We know what you expect from an ideal hoster and are ready to offer it.

✔️ Only own modern HI-END class equipment in the best Tier-3 data centers.

✔️ Ultra-fast SSD and NVMe drives and powerful Xeon E5 / Xeon Gold processors

✔️ Wide geography for any projects and goals. 10 countries to choose from.

✔️ Regular generous bonuses and gifts for existing customers.

✔️ Our famous and trouble-free technical support. The response rate at any time of the day is no more than 15 minutes.

✔️ Impeccable reputation and exceptionally positive customer reviews:





+ our topic on the forum!

Our popular rates:

- SSD VPS in the Netherlands

- SSD VPS in Germany

- SSD VPS in Switzerland

+ Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Sweden, USA, Czech Republic, France, Singapore, UAE, Japan, Australia!

How to get from 1 to 6 free months:

The first month is at our expense. For free! We configure, migrate, you check and test.

1. Write in this topic "I'm moving!"

2. Order the desired tariff in any of the countries without paying for it and create a ticket with the secret word "Moving!".

Our managers will ask you some clarifying questions and activate the service for any VPS tariff plan absolutely free of charge.
A month later, are you satisfied? Leave your impressions about the move in the form of a review in this topic and we will give you another month after payment.
Did a friend complain about bad hosting? Tell him about our promotion, he will get all the bonuses, and you will get the third month as a gift!
Three more months and the ISP Manager v6 panel as a gift when paying any VPS tariff for a year!

Terms of the promotion:
The promotion is valid only for new customers. The promotion period is not limited.
Only users registered on this forum and their friends can take part in the promotion.
The account must be at least 3 months old and you must be a client of another hosting company.

Any questions? Do you want something more? We are always in touch:

Or Live Chat on our website.
We are waiting for you and will not disappoint you. Make up your mind. Not for the sake of free months, but just for the sake of excellent web hosting!


What are the security measures and server backup protocols?