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Started by JimyChen, Nov 08, 2022, 10:53 AM

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XServer - we are building the Internet https://xserver.ua
We offer dedicated servers for rent at low prices on excellent terms, as well as virtual OpenVZ/KVM servers.

The main advantages of our dedicated servers:
Remote reboot directly from your Personal Account;
An IP-KVM is connected to all servers. Upon request, the access data is issued automatically;
The connection port is 100Mbit/sec (or 1Gbit/sec on request), the traffic is not unlimited in any way;
Free ISPmanager Lite control panel (installed on request);
2 free IPv4 addresses from different subnets, the cost of additional ones is $1/month for 1 IP address;
Round-the-clock technical support with free basic administration;
Network download with extensive features is available;
Only Enterprise class hard drives are used;

The main advantages of our VDS:
Automated management and VNC console directly from your Personal Account;
The minimum configuration is already with 512Mb of memory and an entire processor core;
Discounts up to 30% when ordering multiple VDS;
A powerful cluster with a large power reserve is used. The speed of the disk subsystem is faster than on dedicated servers;
Free ISPmanager Lite control panel for VDS is more expensive than $14.55/month.;


Our key Differences:
There is always a large selection of "hot" servers that are already installed in the rack, configured and enabled. When ordering, access data is issued automatically;
An advanced server configurator that allows you to build both a budget server for $ 66 /month, and a powerful dual-processor with a lot of memory and a lot of additional options;
The lowest prices for HP servers in Ukraine;
Server rental service with redemption - transparently and without extra charges;
The best conditions for large clients are additional discounts, priority service, advanced automation capabilities in the personal account.


If I am looking at a tangible data center/ service model, where are the servers physically located? Am I given a choice in location?