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Started by rishisab, Nov 08, 2022, 01:02 AM

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In my life, I had to post web sites on paid hosting services on the Internet more than once, and I guess I got used to good things or I came across all good companies.
If there were problems with access to website, I just called tech support, called the site address and left a request. And soon it was being performed. Themselves. No questions asked. But everything is not so with hosting Jino.

The devil pulled the company to place the site there. The site on the simplest engine contains only text and pictures. No online stores, chats, forums and anything else that can load the computer. Attendance is ridiculous, 30-60 people a day. Nevertheless, it falls regularly. And then the most interesting thing begins. The application must be left in your personal account. I leave a request. I get an answer in 35-45 minutes. It is almost always the same. 
"The site creates a load on the CPU. You need to analyze the log files that are on our server at such and such an address, find the fault and fix it." The first time I really fucked up. Yeah, now I'm going to throw the concrete mixer and run to analyze the log files on your server. And what am I actually paying money for?

 No, of course you can dig into the reference books, Google typical mistakes, figure it out, but there is a vague doubt whether I should do it exactly? The first time, after a fair fight in correspondence, we managed to get technical support to at least indicate in which file what needs to be corrected. After the fifth time, I just started turning on the fool.
He introduced himself as a plumber, asked me to tell him what log files are, what errors there are in principle, what numbers in log files mean, etc. In the end, they had to tear their ass off the chair and go to work. Now I'm just writing that analyzing log files is the very thing they get paid for. Then I give an additional kick by calling the contact phone and the site starts working.


I have been using the services of Beget for many years - I am satisfied with everything, from tariffs to excellent support service.

There was a situation somehow - I was finishing web site, at 4 o'clock in the morning. It seems to have done everything, decided to throw templates under another project and stupidly deleted the finished project.
 Almost with tears in my eyes, I write in support, they say so and so, I did what I did, help! After 10-12 minutes, they answer me - Check.
Actually, since then I have been a loyal user.


We once suffered this infection. The work of the head office stopped for almost 3 days. Dr. WEB happily missed the infection.
The picture was amazing — I go to the client's website, and exactly 30 seconds later the Blue Screen of Death. Almost perfect destructiveness.

The virus hid its shell on the third level of nesting, in a folder with pictures — it was called stat.php (232kb), protected by an obfuscator.
Had the hidden property. In the total commander, it was possible to see it after enabling the Net - FTP Show Hidden Files in the main menu.

There is also shell dir.php (very simple) — a file manager that allows you to climb on other hosting sites.
By the way, a year ago, many hosting providers had a vulnerability that allowed them to climb on someone else's through their account:(
This year we suffered so much with a German host, after which we persuaded the client to move to our server.