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Started by Kingvers, Jan 10, 2023, 10:06 AM

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Some hosting providers prohibit registering through a proxy, some after registration ask to provide documents for identification, some call and after answering some questions activate the account, etc. etc.
But, this is all in fairly rare cases and in most cases you can not even specify your full name and use the services, but there are a few questions about this.

Do hosting companies connect to the same Internet channel as home users (the difference is only in power)?
Having installed a VPN on your server, the execution scenario is as follows - Browser -> (encrypted) -> VPN Server -> (open) -> Website. Hence the question, is there a channel planned from web hosting providers?


sorm is mostly bullshit and all hosts have it, we have more like it's customary to get data by sticking a soldering iron in the ass
, that is, here I'm never afraid of sorm, since I worked in telecom, but damn I'm afraid of a soldering iron.


option a) payment with bitcoins through a tor client and other paranoid "jokes", if the hoster allows, basically - the option that you are uncritical-for a short time-anonymously - without the option of a normal saport of your problems - You will not be able to identify as the owner "we don't know you figure it out for yourself"

option b) passport, mobile phone number, email, two-factor authorization, any request from the contact email to the hoster must be processed, non-service by the hoster is fraught with a refund / court, etc.

It all depends on what you need.
In general, only logs of requests to the site are logged in order for fail2ban to work and attempts to log into the hosting provider's panel, it is not the host's concern to collect traffic.

and yes - here I have on average on each hosting server - a couple of thousand sites - the minimum access.log file is megabytes, some have under a hundred meters per day - and a couple of hundred client requests per hour - do you think I will follow you?