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Started by akeelow, Jan 25, 2023, 01:10 AM

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akeelowTopic starter

I have never used Amazon Web Services hosting, I broke my brains when trying to figure out a million services that are offered as the usual php+mysql hosting.
Moreover, I could not find a way to calculate the cost of cloud hosting for a site written in PHP, with a volume of up to 150 GB. I will be glad if someone can help me figure it out.


Even if you have a need to move to AWS, you still won't be able to predict your expenses, only very, very roughly.
Life in AWS is when we look at billing every month and "until September we didn't have so much interregional traffic, why did we put that in the product.. for 2k extra bucks"


No architect will tell you in advance how much you will pay for AWS services.
The billing formula there is complex and we take into account both transactions and traffic and callbacks (AWS-lambda) and time resources for instances. Therefore, the only correct way is to assemble a working layout. Embed it in AWS and observe it under load for a month. To see which invoice came in. And extrapolate accordingly to other volumes.


anyone know newbielink: [nonactive] use which hosting? i want to know newbielink: [nonactive]'s Hosting??