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Started by toolforsek, Nov 15, 2022, 03:14 AM

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In September of this year, I contacted a hosting provider. For a little over two euros, we provided shared hosting with quite adequate resources.
I regretted it very much. Almost from the first day the problem started. The control panel didn't want to let me in, then the login page was crashing.
If I did, I couldn't upload any graphics or any other information. The ftp server also denied me access, I could only log in via ssh.

The most important thing is technical support. Operational is the main thing straight.
The answer to all my questions:

- We're fine.

When I attached the evidence, they told me a week later that everything was fine.
But nothing was actually fixed.

In general, there's a lot of fucking around. On a request for a refund, they answer that the problem will be solved. I've been fighting for six months, but it's no use.
Can someone tell me what to do with them?

The money is small, but still.
The name of this abode of evil: copahost


The standard is "well, what did you want for this money".
Low-end web hosting with prices below $20/year is always a lottery, for the reason that the hosting provider's expenses are higher than the profit, so I pay only through PayPal.

In a similar case, I opened a ticket in PayPal, justified the claims, and the money was returned.
You can try using a Visa, but running around writing papers to your bank is not worth it.
To restore justice, you can leave a review about the hosting provider on the relevant forums.
The money will not be returned anyway, but it will be nice.

Another option is not to sweat and just solve all the problems with your own efforts.
There is ssh access - nothing else is needed, you can fill in your own PCP web admin panel and forget about the standard control panel and FTP.


Standard behavior for a hosting provider for such a hosting price.
I would even say that you are far from being an isolated case. In general, the money was not returned to me in a similar case, and the amount was 5 times more. Answers in support were also standard: either "we are working on a problem", or "the problem is on your side" (?) ... The provider is different, but my site "worked" in this mode for almost a year, until I finally changed the provider... :-*


In the beginning, then they lure you with a cheap price, and they forget about you. :about
I came across such a hosting provider that didn't even have a telephone for communication, I could only write. Any petty problem dragged on indefinitely. For half a year they moved twice, all this affected my site.
There are no experts in technical support. Constant shoals, missed PTR and my mail went to spam. When it becomes possible to leave, it starts again to throw the bait, like 5 days of free maintenance.🙄😬