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Probably you have your own site or thoughts about launching your own project. However, it is not easy to choose the optimal web  hosting for a website and understand why the prices for hosting providers vary significantly. Using the example of King Servers, we understand what hosting is and what type of hosting is right for you.

The main types of hosting
Virtual hosting

It is optimal for the simplest sites in terms of structure, such as, for example, a business card site without a database. Virtual hosting is inexpensive, but they have many disadvantages: a limited amount of file space and RAM, a simplified website control panel. File space and RAM are shared between all sites located on this web hosting. If one site starts consuming more resources, it affects the work of all the others.

King Servers does not provide virtual hosting services, but focuses on more professional and reliable solutions.
Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS)

This type of hosting provides for the allocation of a certain processor time, file space and RAM for each client. In fact, this is a lease of a part of the server. An operating system (Linux, Windows or another) is installed on a virtual dedicated server. The server is administered by the client himself or with the help of web hosting support service.
King Servers Virtual Server Configurations

Virtual dedicated servers can be afforded by almost any user, we recommend them as an economy option.
The advantages are that you do not depend on the resource consumption of other sites on the server and, with proper qualifications, you can administer hosting yourself. Also, if necessary, the server can be changed to a more powerful one, but before you decide to replace it, we advise you to consult with the support service.

The characteristics of the server can be set independently by selecting the configuration you need
Dedicated server

The user gets at his disposal not a virtual, but a physical server, that is, the correct operation of the site is supported by all server resources. Dedicated servers are needed for large websites and Internet services that are resource-demanding and/or with high traffic. The server is controlled by the client independently or with the help of the support service.

Some web hosting companies, including King Servers, can create an individual server configuration at the request of the client. This practice is not everywhere, so it is highly appreciated in the industry.

The server is prepared for operation within an hour or faster. Individual configuration takes from 2 hours to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the order. The client controls his server using a special management system.

For particularly resource-intensive sites, very powerful servers or even server systems are needed.

Hosting placement

In addition to the type of hosting, it is worth paying attention to the reliability of the data center - the room in which web hosting provider's equipment is located. If the data center is unreliable, then the sites will work unstable.

There is a generally accepted classification of data centers according to the Uptime Institute version, the main criterion of which is the assessment of the data center infrastructure for compliance with standards.

This classification system divides all data centers into 4 classes.

Tier I is the class of the most unreliable data centers. There is a minimum of backup equipment, so any breakdown can lead to the failure of a large number of systems. Any work here is carried out with a complete shutdown of the servers, that is, the sites will be unavailable for the duration of the work. Nevertheless, Tier I class data centers meet the minimum requirements of the Uptime Institute.

Tier II is a class of data centers that have backup systems, including the power grid. However, this class, like the first one, is built "for speed": the emphasis is on the fastest possible launch of the service, not on security. As a rule, we are not talking about services and services that work in real time.

Tier III and Tier IV data centers meet more stringent reliability and security requirements. The equipment in such data centers works at maximum, shutdowns occur only in critical situations, most of which are provided for and controlled by engineers. Tier III and Tier IV data centers are suitable for those who need trouble-free operation of equipment and services.
The performance of work in such data centers is not accompanied by a shutdown of equipment, everything continues to work due to the presence of duplicate systems. The most reliable are Tier IV data centers. This class is protected to the maximum, some of these objects can survive a nuclear war!

King Servers places its equipment in Tier III data centers. Thanks to this, the company's servers are always available. An exception may be a global shutdown caused by natural disasters.
Virtualization technologies

According to the definition of VMware, virtualization is the process of creating a software (or virtual) representation of something as opposed to its physical implementation. An example is running multiple operating systems on the same computer, when each system works with its own set of logical resources (virtual processor, RAM, storage devices).

There are several virtualization technologies. Low-cost hosting types use Virtuozzo and OpenVZ. The disadvantage of these types of virtualization is the fuzzy differentiation of physical server resources. If the total load on the virtual machines exceeds the capabilities of the physical server, the server crashes or stops working.

The most reliable virtualization tools are Xen, KVM, VMware and Hyper-V. Using these programs, the user receives a guaranteed amount of resources that do not need to be shared with neighbors on the server. The site will work smoothly if it does not load the system more than its characteristics allow. This is possible due to the clear differentiation of physical resources between virtual servers.

King Servers uses Xen virtualization technology. It guarantees that the virtual server user will receive the declared amount of resources without overpayments.

Technical support of web hosting provider

The work of technical support staff is just as important as the work of servers. The King Servers team are professionals with extensive experience. The company's specialists strive to minimize the response time to customer requests, the average response time is 5-10 minutes.

The King Servers support service works around the clock, the servers are monitored 24/7. After all, problems don't have days off. The team of technical specialists who are responsible for the operation of the equipment does not allow even small failures. The coefficient of continuous operation of King Servers servers is almost 100%.
Network infrastructure and communication channels

A good hosting provider should have a deployed infrastructure with fast communication channels. The more contacts you have with the networks of other companies and organizations, the better.

King Servers equipment is located in data centers with deployed backbone infrastructure that are protected from most possible problems (physical impact on the server, power outage, damage to one or more communication channels). The infrastructure of the operator of one of the data centers is among the top 3 largest networks in the world. Critical sections of the network are duplicated, there are about 8,000 BGP peer-to-peer sessions with major national and international Internet networks.

High-performance 100, 1,000 and 10,000 Mbit Internet ports are available. If there is a need, you can easily get additional bandwidth.
Equipment used

Due to the hardware (processors, hard drives, and so on), the physical reliability of the server is ensured — the stability of operation determined by the quality of the hardware. In addition, the equipment affects the final cost of services: the better it is, the higher its price, that is, renting a server will cost the end user a little more.
The choice depends more on the budget. We would recommend choosing more reliable solutions to protect your data as much as possible.

Not only the prices of disks, motherboards, chassis and other spare parts differ, but also the prices for their subsequent maintenance. For example, in some cases, disks can be replaced in a couple of minutes, in others — in half an hour or even an hour.

As you know, a miser pays twice, so King Servers company acquires reliable quality equipment. The hosting provider does not use cheaper low-performance models, as in the end this can create difficulties for the company itself and its customers.
Margins for marketing and advertising

Many companies spend a lot of money on marketing, instead of investing it in buying reliable equipment and improving the quality of services.

King Servers specialists pay great attention to customer service and equipment quality. They don't forget about marketing either, but they use low-cost methods to attract new customers: long-time customers tell their colleagues and partners about web hosting provider.

Thus, 60-75% of the company's expenses are equipment costs, about 15-25% are personnel costs, and only 4% are for marketing and advertising.

When choosing a hosting, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

    type of hosting;
    the class of the data center where the equipment is located;
    server configuration and virtualization type;
    reviews about the hosting provider, the quality of technical support;
    additional services (individual server configuration, DDoS protection, data storage).


Over the past 5 years, we have stumbled upon the following about once or twice a year:
 Both screws died on the raid. We restored the site from external backups (this is how we learned how to make backups).
 The server died (a day off, paid 100 euros at the end of the month for a weekend support).
 Blocking the server due to ddos.

I hope you will be able to avoid such problems. And yes, I want to say a separate thank you to our admins, about whom we will also publish an topic soon.


I turned to this hosting provider to solve my question, on the first answer I immediately realized that they were driving over my ears, after 2 minutes I saw that my ticket was already closed, a week later I wrote again, got an excuse like wait, and some nonsense about the main office, then the ticket disappeared altogether, I was such nonsense I have not met any hosting provider, according to their support it is clear that the guys have opened a service and not a serious promising company.

I do not advise, go ahead, there will be no stability with this hosting.


at first it seems that the figures for all providers are comparable memory, CPU, disk, price and they "solve" .. but practice shows that not always.

for example, I wanted to make a wine server for 3 pennies (low-loaded because the toad pressed hard at the price, but in the cloud). for the sake of laughter, a 512 Mb VPS and 1 CPU was taken, and a win server 2016 and below was installed (yes, monsieur knows a lot about perv ..). on the usual provider, the expected "brakes" of the system showed — the wildest friezes when working remote desktop and other quite logical problems. but I didn't want to pay for a powerful VPS. the same was deployed on another familiar provider with the same result.
ie, it certainly worked, but it was very difficult to use the Windows interface — a slideshow with long pauses.

then a free option turned up to try on the "third" foreign language not previously tested. and by some miracle, on the 512 / 1 CPU + win SERV 2016 config , it worked quite well for the required task and the normal responsiveness of the interface. apparently it's about optimization, virtualizes, hardware or something else, but the difference turned out to be significant.

it turns out that of the simple ways to choose a VPS between providers, with seemingly identical "packages", for those who want to save wildly (like me) is to take frish packages, trials, etc. and just deploy identical software kits there for two days .., to test, no matter how useless it is it seemed.