Started by Helen, Oct 20, 2022, 07:10 AM

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HelenTopic starter

Good day to all! I have chosen not expensive and effective web hosting Machost. Creating a website for yourself here is not expensive enough and accessible even to a beginner. Good luck!

Matthew Evans

I would call the hosting company Machost - a hosting company of the lowest level, well, like a 3 or 4 level domain. The company itself is not bad, but it offers very modest resources - 3-20 GB on SSD and up to 4 GB of RAM (the fee is many times higher there). If we talk about payment, then it is ridiculous to the point in the stomach - from $3 to $12. I want to warn you that the data center is located in Russia - in Moscow. It seems that one of the data center was in Amsterdam, but against the backdrop of recent events, I am not sure about this.


I also use Machhost web hosting and did not even think about the fact that it is not the best choice. In any case, thank you for the information, because now it's worth thinking about?


We have been using Machost hosting for a very long time, since about 2011, we now store a small number of 7 sites there, to be precise. Yes, there are minuses and pluses.

Pros (+):
We do not recall any critical problems with the operation of sites;
Assistance in solving the issues that have arisen;
The site loading speed is acceptable;
The cost of acquiring domain names is acceptable.

Of the minuses (-) now it can be noted that:
The rates do not include ISP manager, you can connect for a fee;
Also, the number of sites on tariffs could be increased;
And some services are more expensive than competitors;
How many new interesting offers we use and there were none.

You can use Machost hosting without fear of anything, but it's not the best, but there's nothing bad to say.