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Started by ryan reynold, Nov 28, 2022, 02:58 AM

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ryan reynoldTopic starter

I ask you to share the experience of using European or American cloud servers for hosting with web developers (their opinion is interesting first of all).
More interested in European, with dedicated IPv4, and unlimited traffic (or 1 TB). The server is needed for a small blog site, in the future several, plus use as a vpn server. Of course, on Debian 8-9 or Ubuntu 16.04
Google has not banned, but there are a huge number of offers, as well as prices, I want to know your opinion and feedback on specific offices.


Hosting with or without a panel? there is a vps for 5 euros per month, 500 gig SSD, unlimited traffic, 8 gig ram, percent or atom or ARM
by default, there was a server in Germany, Amsterdam, now the French have it. If the ping is not significant, then look at the price and resource.

ubuntu is a pretty popular thing, but it is put either by geeks, or by very large offices for running-in, or "for themselves" by those who know it better and because of the community.
But for serious projects, they usually put a redhat, for lack of one - centos or Debian. I would not risk ubuntu to put on those things that are spinning under my administration, because the fuckups there are very funny when updating.