Nexysbytes - what a change a few months can bring!

Started by ruschan, Jun 22, 2022, 01:28 PM

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I hate making recommendations for providers, here, or anywhere. In fact, I generally try to avoid doing so, because, well, once I do, the provider usually falls to garbage. Nexusbytes? Yeah, not even a month after I made positive reviews, started tanking, and I do mean horribly. NOTHING, though, like what I've seen over the past few days, and I do mean nothing!!!

Back in September, I left a pretty decent review for them. I'd been in business with them for about 6 months, zero network issues, a couple of minor support things, overall, things were going well. So well, in fact, that I'd moved a client (someone I've done business with for better than a decade) over to them, and he as well was incredibly happy. Good stuff, right?

Well, then October hit. At some point during October, it became obvious that Nexusbytes was not as equipped as they should have been to handle things. Like , things would start going down for a few minutes at a time, randomly, and no notification, or response from them. Nothing on status pages even.

Somewhere in early-mid October, there was an outage. We're not talking a few minutes, we're talking a full blown, multi-hour outage. Something like 3-5 hours, overnight. The response from helpdesk? The usual
we're investigating, please be patient
garbage. After a very long process , I pulled most of my stuff out of there at that point, because, downtime... Yeah, nobody wants that at all, and the lack of professional response is just insane

Fast forward to the past few weeks. The last server I have there (a backup server) has been intermittently pinging as 'down' , sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for a few minutes... Up until the past few days, where it's been down more than up. Last night? 10 hours of down.. STILL not fully up

The best part? Same old same old responses from support desk
We're investigating, be patient
Even better? ZERO acknowledgement of this on their network status page

I have no idea what's changed over there, but if you've got data there, get it out now. Don't even think about using these clowns. ZERO professionalism there, ZERO support. It's horrible! I've already dropped the last server I had in there, and will discuss with client where to move his stuff to over the next few weeks


I think something happened to seriesn (who runs Nexusbytes), he has been MIA for like 3-4 months now. A few months ago he had health issues (COVID I think? can't remember) and hasn't been seen online anywhere since really. The people responding telling you that they're investigating is probably just one or two support people that have no access to actually do anything.

Kind of sad, NB went from 0 to 100 with deals and good support last year. Hopefully seriesn is OK, he is a good guy.

Туман, туман

I remember seeing them get one positive review after another and mentioned all the time. They did very well.

It is a shame it sounds like it is ending up like MightWeb. I see the domain does not load anymore. 522 error from Cloudflare which looks like the server is not online/does not exist anymore.

Surprised no one has heard from Marcus still.


I'm working on getting customer backups from Nexus, and then we're working on finding a long-term solution for their webserver.
Well, I rarely use their support, but when I do, email is annoying. Hetzner should record the time and have a support/sales/billing ticket system so that it is easy to track the history. Looking through email clients to find their email history is very difficult.

Adding a permanent KVM console or creating an instance of it would be a bonus. That's the only reason I don't put product sites there. The server is fine for backups.
Their politics (and I'm not kidding):
The client cancels
The server shuts down immediately (no matter how much time is left).
Refund not received
Do I think I expect too much for what I paid for (for the time I paid for)?