Hetzner PayPal Payment Issue from India

Started by AMGH, Jun 22, 2022, 11:26 AM

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 Hetzner PayPal Payment Issue from India
I am using Hetzner Cloud Hosting from last 3 years. I always paid using PayPal with my Debit Card.

But this time (On 1st April 2022) PayPal didn't processed the payment. When I contacted PayPal, they said there is some legal issue with Payment and it is under review process. If it gets approved then Hetzner will receive the payment or I will get refund.
After one day I received the email from PayPal that payment didn't approved. When I contacted PayPal they said that I will receive the refund in 5 days. When I asked the reason behind this legal issue. They said that they can not provide any information about it. They also said that I should ask the merchant (Hetzner) to contact PayPal. When I asked if I try to pay again will it work? The customer representative of PayPal said that I should not try to pay to this merchant( Hetzner).

When I explained this issue to Hetzner, they gave me their Bank Account details asked to transfer via Bank Transfer process.

It was very difficult to Pay to foreign company using Bank Transfer. It took me several days to complete all formalities asked by Bank.
In the last when payment was made the Remittance and Swift Charges were very high.

for 51.59 Euro payment I have to spend approx Rs 2995 INR (Swift, Remittance Charges) + Rs 1000 INR CA Fess, only to transfer the payment.

When I ask the Hetzner support about if they know anything about PayPal issue they simply ignore my message. They reply on other topics but do not reply on PayPal issue.

I am not sure that will PayPal work next time or not?

My Indian Credit Card (SBICard) is also not working with Hetzner. Card company and Hetzner both are not providing any information about why Credit card payment is failing.

I also tried my Credit card with OVHCloud but it also not worked with OVH.

However my Credit Card works with Backblaze and Digital Ocean without any issues.

Do you have any information regarding these issues?

India is cost sensitive market. In order to provide software services in low prices we need low cost hosting. That's why I was using Hetzner. But right now if I switch to Digital Ocean then my hosting cost will increase three times, which is a huge difference.
Can you <<suggest>> any low cost alternative to Hetzner to which we can pay using PayPal/Credit Card.


that's strange. Do you have any friends in US or EU, who could forward the amount to your host ? May be you can ask your friends to send amount to the host directly & you can forward the said amount to your friend, after covering the transaction fee - yes its a few dollars more but better than shelling $30-$40 more. If you can afford bulk payment, that's even better.

In the past I have routed my payments through my advertisers to my hosts directly - after Paypal restricted using of Paypal funds (balance) for Indian users, the host were not Hetzer or OVH but then again, no harm in asking - if they can help you out.

w.r.t suggestions, unless you are able to offer what you are exactly seeking & what your budget is, members may not be able to point you in the right direction. You could always check out Offers section in WHT for offers as well.


If you continue to have problems with the card and need to persist with the bank transfer payments you should take a look at wise.com.
You can fund the account with your rupees and then convert them to Euros to send to Hetzner. You should find the fees are a fraction of what they are when doing the transfer the traditional way.


The problem is that pedantic Hetzner Germans, firstly, do not want to accept payment before they issue an invoice , but they will do it on the 20th. Secondly, for changing the payment method in an already issued invoice, they want twice as much money as the service itself costs. Therefore, it would be good for me to find out before 20 how the service will be paid for this month. Now I have a PayPal payment method there.

In addition, sepa, bank transfer, credit card are supported there (this is what I had there before and they took 9 euros with kopecks from the card every month. And when paying with PayPal, you need to press the button).