Alternatives to Liquid Web?

Started by Padonag, Jun 18, 2022, 12:43 AM

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We've been very unhappy with our experience with Liquid Web so far. I think it's time to move on.

What are some alternate companies that provide solid, responsive managed hosting for dedicated servers that you all would recommend?

Thank you.


They are most likely popping up more now because the support at LW is not what it used to be.

Calling on the phone is pretty much useless as now support is farmed out and the odds of the person you connect to being able to help are pretty low. Every single time I've called in the last couple months it always results in the person opening a ticket where as before 9 out 10 times when the support was not farmed out the tech could fix it before you hung up.

Are there any hosting companies out there that still offer customer support that is not farmed out to a 3rd party?


Size matters.

When a hosting company grows big, their priorities and the very workflow change to accommodate and perhaps to accelerate the growth.

You might want to consider getting on with a smaller provider. They are the ones usually excel at support (and grow big later).


Have you tried a smaller provider, like webflow or WP engine? They aren't really common but being used often. Quality is quite good. You may also try cloudways or hostwinds if those won't fit you.
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I see that they advise you to work with Webflow. I agree, he's really cool. But, unfortunately, it has disadvantages that can sometimes interfere with work. One confusing system of tariff plans is worth something.


The Bigscoots technical team can help you with everything you need. Their plans are concise and quick to implement.

Thus, Bigscoots is another option for a specialized demographic group that likes to do multiple projects at a low cost per project. For instance, you can include a $1 fee per GB of storage in the total cost of your web hosting server. This is ideal for enthusiasts with changing requirements.

However, newcomers must demonstrate a high level of dedication. With shared hosting plans, you may have an account specialist who will monitor your services. A specialist will monitor the entire migration procedure and install any additional trinkets that you wish.

What really makes him worthy of a recommendation is his long-standing commitment to accessibility. Not cheap enough to sacrifice quality, but with a commitment to the level of the plan you have chosen.
As for pricing, you should know that every plan does not have a set price. It completely depends on the intended purpose.

As a result, there is an hourly pricing model, which is great considering how much functionality can vary on a cloud server. In addition, we offer marketing, website management, customized web design and SEO marketing. Yes, and at a cheap price.

MassiveGrid is a well—known Cloud hosting brand. Due to the growing convergence And with cloud computing, your PaaS or SaaS applications can be hosted here with high availability.
After several weeks of testing, WOA MassiveGrid Review weighs the advantages and disadvantages of the service. However, in short, Massive Grid provides a solid foundation for your site and the scalability needed for future growth.

However, why are you thinking about Massive Grid? MassiveGrid is more technical than most of the other solutions on that list. Let's assume a general plan here. However, fans of cloud computing and software can get the most benefit from their services.

Bluehost since time immemorial. In short, their main focus is on WordPress. The servers are very well optimized for running WordPress code and even for providing managed services.

However, they also provide shared virtual private servers and dedicated web  hosting services. What is remarkable is their focus on quality, not quantity. Yes, you can get a dozen more features from comparable competitors.

However, how often will you need unlimited bandwidth or SSH access to your server?
The idea is that Bluehost keeps its promises and is ready to help you anytime you need support from their own WordPress specialists.

GoDaddy, one of the most famous web hosting companies in the world, helps more than 19 million customers expand their online presence.

Originally known as a domain name registrar, the firm has grown over the years to provide a surprisingly rich and diverse range of high-quality web hosting services.
The company is designed for small business owners, regardless of whether they own an online store or just need a place where potential consumers can collect information.

GoDaddy plans have the least amount of resources and provide the least scalability. However, what you get demonstrates that good things do come in small packages.
Boutique-managed VPS plans offered by the firm provide either root access or cPanel access, automatic backups, software updates, and uptime monitoring.

GoDaddy has spent over two decades perfecting the art of customer support on a large scale for new VPS customers looking for modest terms and lots of hands.

HostGator is the perfect choice for low—cost managed VPS web hosting services, one of the most well-known names in the hosting market.

Since HostGator's plans are not as well equipped as those of some of the other companies on our list, the firm serves as a soft landing pad for wary website owners switching to their first VPS environment.

As your website grows in popularity or complexity, additional resources can be added with a few mouse clicks.

Customers who add cPanel to their account receive fully managed HostGator support, which means that the firm will make every effort to solve any problem or configuration request.
The organization will make changes to help you achieve PCI compliance, automate routine tasks, diagnose slow servers, and fix problems with firewalls, script settings, or sites.