Reseller web website hosting hints needed (UK or EU)

Started by hainvv, Jul 02, 2022, 12:18 AM

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Hi true people

Having simply moved to a VPS with a respectable EU issuer, I'm now in want of a reseller account for a small project (four small webweb sites)
Not trying all my eggs withinside the identical basket, I do not need to have them hosted with the identical issuer because the VPS.
The web sites are all constructed with Concrete5, no Wordpress. They are presently the use of approximately 1GB area in overall with much less than a blended a hundred visits per day.

Budget wise, I inclined to pay up to $30-35/month
My most important standards are simple: Speed, security, reliability and good support. If I can get a ded IP that could be a plus

After looking the forum for opinions right here are my considerations:

1. HostXnow: simply due to the fact I actually have used them till very currently however have small issues over speed. Chris tells me this has now improved
2. Altushost: Also used in the past however that turned into for VPS. Not positive how they're in a shared environment.
3. Shockhosting: ...???
4. Mechanicweb: no revel in with them
5. Host With Love: is that actually the name?

Any suggestions?


According in your list; I have the usage of Hostwithlove and glad overall. I contacted and evaluate HostXnow and Mechanicweb before. Both are dependable vendors and may pick one.


Perhaps I will agree about the choice of Hostwithlove. There are a lot of hosting companies. And it is very difficult to understand who really does the best customer service and technical support. And this does not play a small role. Relying on my experience with this company, I can really recommend them. They have established themselves as one of the best service providers. They are available 24/7/365 days by phone, email, chat and ticket, which helps in case of critical problems.


Since 2012 in Malta, Cloudways has been a provider of managed cloud hosting solutions. It acts as a system integrator, providing access to various services from Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and others.

When it comes to hosting companies, Cloudways is considerably young. It entered the market in 2012 but has grown significantly since then. Much of this growth is arguably due to the relative market niche it fills as a system integrator that provides convenience at a price increase.

Major plans and highlights
Digital Ocean: from $12 per month
Linode: from $12 per month
VULTR: from $13 per month
AMS: from $37.51/mo

Google Cloud: from $33.19 per month
Main advantages: Simple control panel, managed security, free SSL, CDN, site migration, automatic backup, 24/7 real-time monitoring.
My Thoughts: Cloudways - Best Managed Cloud Hosting
Cloudways is not a "budget" hosting provider. Their hosting costs more than if you go directly to one of their partners, such as Linode. However, cloud hosting management is not something that everyone can easily handle.

In this, Cloudways shines, and it provides enough value for the extra features to justify the premium prices. There's a lot to love about this one-stop shop, especially if you're a business user who wants to focus on making money instead of messing around with servers.

Founded in 2009 by Hristo Rusev and Vlad G., ScalaHosting provides hosting that empowers web professionals around the world.

Their hosting services are provided by three data centers in the US and Bulgaria; and integrated data centers operated by Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS. Managing over 700,000 websites from around 120 countries on their servers, ScalaHosting is one of the fastest growing, high quality web hosts you shouldn't overlook.

ScalaHosting Packages and Features
Mini: $3.95 per month
start: $5.98 per month
Extras: $9.95 per month
Managed VPS: $14.95 per month
Key features: Free domain, unlimited storage, Spanel hosting control panel, SShield cyber security, VPS package powered by Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS.
My thoughts on ScalaHosting
ScalaHosting is a hosting provider that I can personally vouch for.

A few things that make Scala stand out are great server performance, a feature rich shared hosting plan including free SSL and security protection, and helpful 24/7 tech support.

Michael Lavrik and John Qualieri founded InterServer back in 1999 when they were both high school students. Their vision for the company was to provide data services at affordable prices while maintaining the same level of service and support.

The web hosting provider currently owns two data centers located in Secaucus, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California; and offers a wide range of hosting services such as shared, cloud and dedicated server hosting, among others.

Interserver Hosting Packages and Features
Shared hosting: $2.56 per month (discounted price)
VPS hosting packages: Start at $6 per month.
Dedicated Hosting Packages: Start at $49 per month.
Key features: Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, free site migration, 100% internal support, flexible hosting packages.
My thoughts on InterServer
While not necessarily a popular name in the hosting industry, InterServer managed to grab our attention once I got to know the company better.

At the moment I have several websites hosted on InterServer - and they all performed great. While most hosted sites provide 99.9% uptime (and many lack that), InterServer was able to keep my website 100% most of the time. The uptime history is published in my review - go check it out.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Without Blocking
InterServer is a pretty unique choice in the VPS space as they have very cheap plans but don't bind you with extended contracts.

The usual modus operandi of hosting companies is to lure you into extended contracts with discounted prices and free Google Adwords marketing credit; then hit you with massive updates. This is not the case with Interserver.

Despite the low prices, here you get an interestingly wide selection. For example, in the Operating System (OS) only, InterServer has a stunning spread of 17 for you to choose from.

InterServer Uptime and server speed
Both InterServer Hosting uptime and speed exceed our expectations for a budget web host.

My test site hosted on Interserver is running at 99.97% server uptime. My recent speed tests show that InterServer is one of the fastest budget hosting solutions out there.
We tested the site speed in 11 places with Bitcatcha Speed Test Tool and compared the server response time with other sites. We get an A+ rating with an average server speed of 122ms.