our emails mark as spam in gmail !!!

Started by AMGH, Jun 28, 2022, 03:24 AM

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after a week we still in spam box of customers who have gmail !

all of these records set and valid also mail tester whow we are 10/10 and not in any blacklist .
but still our emails mark as spam.
any solution ? contacting gmail about this ? (how) ??



Ask recipients to hit the "Not spam" button for your emails in Gmail. Google's algorithms will soon learn the messages are safe and solicited (assuming they are indeed safe and solicited), and will deliver messages to the Inbox instead - for both existing and new recipients.

It can take time for a good reputation to build up with MSP's.


Google Workspace users can whitelist an IP address or approved senders as described here https://support.google.com/a/answer/60751

Ordinary users can create a whitelist using a filter as described here https://downtimemonkey.com/blog/how-to-whitelist-an-email-address-in-gmail.php or train their spam filter by marking misclassified messages as "Not Spam".

It's all controlled at the receiving end, there's nothing you can do at the sending end except follow general guidelines at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126?hl=en&vid=1-635789122382665739-3305764358

If you're still puzzled, try posting the headers of an affected message here.


This frequently happens if you're sending lots of similiar texts from the same IP, if you use paid service for email mass-sending try to add there different IP-addresses and change the messages headers every 10-20 times you send it. Also ask your subscribers to press the 'not spam' button every time they receive your email.


How to avoid getting into spam in Gmail?
Start a corporate email.
Set up authentication, i.e. enter SPF, DKIM and DMAR records in the domain zone of the website. That way the postal services will make sure that the letters come from the declared source.
Authentication will not only improve the deliverability of mails, but also protect you from spammer attacks – no one will be able to send bulk emails from your domain.
Configure Postmaster Tools. You will be able to observe how things are going with mailings, and track positive/negative changes in time.
Monitor the reputation of the IP addresses from which your mailings leave.
Use domains of different levels to send advertising and transactional emails.
Why is it so difficult to get a domain out of spam in Gmail?
Gmail has tougher algorithms. Mass mailings by default fall into the "Promotions" folder, and mails that Gmail considers suspicious will end up in the "Spam" folder or will not reach the user at all.

BUT! The Gmail instructions say that the sorting algorithm adapts to the user's actions and preferences. If he regularly transfers certain messages from spam (for instance, he subscribed to a newsletter that Gmail considers potentially spam, but wants to see it in his inbox), the mailer will gradually adjust the algorithm taking into account these actions.

In order for your mails to start coming to your Inbox, ask subscribers for help: click "Not spam" and add you to contacts so as not to miss news from the company.

Difficulties are also added by the fact that the Gmail postmaster gives statistics on sending mailings after three to seven days. Even if you monitor the deliverability daily, you may miss the moment of deterioration of indicators. The following newsletter can become the nail that will nail a sign with the inscription "spammer" on your domain :)


It usually takes a little time for Google to gain trust in you. You have already been advised to ask customers to mark "Not spam" on such emails. You can also search the answer in Google help center