cxs cant detect shell but imunify can !!!

Started by Kik84, Jun 18, 2022, 01:54 AM

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Kik84Topic starter

Hey is there any experience about CXS and shell detection ?
i have free version of imunify + CXS,


CXS is better with extra signatures like malware.experts for clamav or some other free ones online like the ones from interserver.

Imunify360 is monthly paid product hence they give more updates than CXS which is once off payment.

We use both and find each have their strengths. CXS unfortunately does require more configuration to get it right.


If all you need is detection, use ImunifyAV. It detects pretty much everything Imunify360 detects


ImunifyAV is an antivirus for sites that will find any malicious script and, if necessary, cure it in one click. Supports WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Drupal, MODx, Bitrix and other php CMS, as well as static html sites.

Antivirus features:
Detection of malicious scripts
Cleaning websites from viruses
Scheduled Scans and Notifications
Flexible service settings

Antivirus for website solves all problems with the search and treatment of viruses on the website. Finds backdoors, web shells, trojans, black hat SEO, phishing pages and other types of malware. It is very easy to start and set up to work on a schedule. Heals files automatically, while it has the function of rolling back changes.

ImunifyAV comes in free (limited) and paid (full) versions as a module of the ISPmanager panel. The cost of the paid (full) version of the module is $5/month.