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Started by evejones, Jul 06, 2022, 03:40 AM

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evejonesTopic starter

The first time I encountered such situation.
I have no experience in this matter, please help. There was a ddos attack on our site. We connected Cloud Flare, but there are a few questions:

1. Does 5 second delay affect SEO? Or are there bots of Bing, Google, etc. added to their white lists?

2. Besides this 5 second delay, can there be any other negative consequences of using their service for SEO?

3. Are there any services that provide DDoS protection but without a 5-second delay when loading a page?

Hemanth malli


1. 5 seconds delay is not good, some visitors will not wait.

2. No, but the site may lag for some users. By the way, cloudflare has a type of vigilance mode there, you can lower it.

3. Options are as follows:

Move to the Yandex cloud, they have DDoS protection and you don't have to pay a lot, only for cleared traffic.

Or hide behind their shields there, and then change the ip of your server.

After you hide, a small part of the bots can still get to the site, they can finish off by botguard.


Or maybe the web site crashes due to overloading requests to the server or database??
Have you looked at the logs on your web hosting?
Have you read them?
Have you consulted with the technical support of your web hosting about the site crash?
Or maybe you just switch to a more expensive tariff on your hosting?
Who needs you to ddos your site? You have a popularweb  site, or something, and if you had a much-visited
site and popular, then you would have a team, and therefore there were no questions about ddos attacks.
DIAGNOSIS > that is not a ddos attack, just switch to the most expensive tariff of your hosting, and the questions will disappear by themselves.
Popular web sites in no way and in no way can be with someone and share servers together with poor users who don't even have enough for web  hosting.
That is the same as parking limousines together with Cossacks in the same hangar.
I have already diagnosed her: increase the disk space, CPU and database load, in short
, just switch to the most expensive tariff. There is no ddos attack on your site and there cannot be in principle, the pleasure is too expensive and not cheap.