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Started by arthyk, Sep 29, 2022, 05:01 PM

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I had an idea about hosting some of my favorite sites. Namely: I would like to know the hosting provider of specific (known) sites. I want, perhaps in the future, to use the services of the same hoster (I will choose it myself). I heard that you can somehow find out the IP address of the site and somehow find out from it ...


Quote from: arthyk on Sep 29, 2022, 05:01 PMI heard that you can somehow find out the IP address of the site and somehow find out from it...
Open Windows Power Shell or the command line. If command line, the first command should be "cmd".
  • Next, you get C:{Windows\system32>. Write the command tracert and the address of the resource of interest, such as
  • You will see the following: C:\Windows\system32>tracert
  • Starts tracing a route to [] .
  • See the last hop before the site address. That will be
Open the address in your browser, and study the hosting terms and conditions.
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Good luck in your endeavors! :)


Roger Dave

We can check the site through special services:
The method works if the site uses its own virtual server. To find out which hosting the site uses by domain or IP, simply: enter the data in one of the services listed below.

Any service will provide full information about the resource in a list. You are interested in the item written in the line nserver, after the combination ns.1.
Please note! If you are looking for someone who provides host services to file a complaint, then copy the abuse address.

Hosting and Tracing:
Another way to find out which hosting provider the site is hosted on can be called tracing. For this:
Press the Win+R command on the keyboard.
In the window that appears, type the command cmd.exe .
In the command line that appears, type tracert "site name" (quotes are saved).
After the analysis, there will be a trace to the resource with all routers. The server host is listed in the penultimate or last line.

Reverse DNS Lookup:
This method is based, rather, on the human factor: for any IP site, you can set a kind of default domain using PTR. Most of the hosting providers give domains in which there is a domain name of the hosting provider.

The easiest way to isolate such a domain name is to "ping" the site using the ping command. For those who use the Linux system, there are alternative commands: host, dig and nslookup.

Plus Reverse DNS Lookup in performance: the team works flawlessly almost everywhere. If as a result you got a domain that does not carry information about the hosting provider, then there is a high probability that it is a VPS or a dedicated server.