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Started by shane, Nov 22, 2022, 03:14 AM

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Actually,  not everyone knows that now there is such an error code in the official standards. Published as RFC 7725 -
It means exactly what it means - the page is blocked by censorship or copywriters.

It is named after the well-known book "Fahrenheit 451".
In fact, most web servers stupidly do not have it, but you can give it using PHP/Python/Node.js etc.



The end user will not notice the difference between 301 and 302 redirects. 404 we know, 405.. "um, what's not evolved there?". The accompanying information message in a language understandable to the layman will tell him much more.
 451 is "Unavailable For Legal Reasons", if literally - unavailable for legal reasons, there is no word about censorship here. The censor can also be the owner of the site who removes unacceptable content to him, and this error will be out of place.

Extended error codes are needed for search engines.
But, this code can be used by web sites that cooperate with regulatory authorities or copyright holders.
Notifying that the content has been removed from website. But in practice, most of the resources hosting illegal content simply delete the direct content (for example, a video clip), and leave the page so as not to lose position in the search results.
Search engines have not officially approved this status code yet.

ps. Returning to practice, some hosting providers sometimes indulge in this code, blocking services when receiving complaints.


and the country code will be determined by the user 's locale or language preferences ..
a kind of geotargeting type .. the code is very necessary for the browser so that it can display a beautiful message about access restrictions... yeah..

like, buddy, we're sorry, but you're in the wrong region - leave this service area or contact zonal services to solve this problem or find another way..