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Hi for all.
I'm new here, after reading a bunch of forum topics, I came to the conclusion that yes, we should try. After rummaging through Internet for billing habits and again after reading the forum, I chose Dadmin billing.
I have a question where to buy it? Found two sites Rootadmin and dadmin . And yet, what is the real one?


If finances do not allow, you can find and download something for free.
No need to purchase expensive programs for ordinary Windows-like users. You need to study Linux and everything that works with it on the host, otherwise you won't be able to do hosting professionally. And milk-literate users cannot use anything and offer services to others.

We use Billmanager. It costs 6.50 euros per month for us. No problems with calculations and tickets work fine.
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The Dadmin  Billing System is a billing system for Internet service providers. The system is built on a modular architecture, consists of a set of scripts in PHP and PERL languages and supports four modules: Dial-up, VPN, Mail and Web.

The main task set by the team of project developers is the use of actively developing non—commercial projects in the system. Freely distributed languages (PHP and PERL) and products were taken as a basis.

The basis for data storage for the Dadmin system is the MySQL database management system. The mail module is designed to administer the Postfix mail server. The Dial-up and VPN modules use non-commercial FreeRADIUS and FreeNIBS products. The hosting module can be used with any web server, but is focused on usage.

principles of functioning

The task of any billing system is to keep records of the services provided (received), to calculate and account for funds for the services provided (received) and to provide all categories of users with convenient and functional access to information of this kind.
There are several basic concepts in Dadmin .

A SERVICE providers an organization that owns the resources themselves.
The system administrator (root) acts from this provider in the system. A set of scripts has been created for it, which allows you to manage all the resources of the system. The system allows access to multiple system administrators. The system administrator determines (registers in the system) the companies (secondary providers or consumers) to which the services will be provided.
A COMPANY (a consumer of services or a secondary provider) is an organization that can be a consumer of services itself, or can provide services to a lower level (end users).
In any case, Dadmin treats all companies as consumers of services. Accordingly, these companies have their own billing account in the billing system. To be more precise, the account consists of a deposit and a loan in a certain currency. Accruals are made to the accounts of these companies (usually this is an advance payment). And money is debited from the same accounts for the services provided. The company listed in the system, like most of the objects in it, has its own unique serial number. By this number, other objects of the system are associated with the company (for instance, account numbers of this company or its operators).