What to do if domains are blacklisted?

Started by seoguy, Jul 14, 2022, 03:29 AM

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Good day.

Tell me what to do if the domains are blacklisted? AV and spamhouse (hаcked and spammed via feedback forms).

How to withdraw quickly and in bulk?

More than 100 domains ... in manual mode.


Well, they hit and hit. It's a matter.
Do you promote and monetize by mailings?
If not, then do not mind it.


If a domain name or IP address is sanctioned, the process of removal from blacklists can take from a day to several weeks.

The fastest way is to exclude a web site from Google blacklists: usually a day if manual sanctions have not been applied to the site.
It takes the longest to remove web sites from the blacklists of antivirus services. In some of them (especially the little-known and new ones), web site may get into by mistake, for instance, as a result of the so-called false positive. If the service does not provide for the automatic withdrawal of the domain name from the "ban", then you will have to send an application, and its consideration may take several weeks.

To exclude a web site from the black list of search engines, follow three steps:
Eliminate the cause of sanctions (the source of the problem).
Add a site to the Yandex Webmaster dashboard or Google Webmaster Console.
Send a request for the lifting of sanctions through the panel.
If web site is blacklisted as a result of automatic verification and the problem is fixed, then the site is automatically excluded from the malicious list within a few days. If the sanctions are manual, then the process of restoring reputation may take several weeks.

To exclude a site from the black list of antiviruses, you need to use the application form on their site. Usually the application is submitted in English. It is necessary to briefly describe the essence of the appeal and note this web site domain name was mistakenly included in the malicious database. If you can choose the type of request in the form, then you should specify "False Positive".