cPanel hosting control panel vs Enhance hosting control panel

Started by matrice, Dec 06, 2022, 04:43 AM

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What control panel do you think is/will be the best in perspective?

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matriceTopic starter

Enhance: 1000 websites (accounts) = $171.50 per month — easy to calculate, sites can be hosted on any number of servers.

3 Premier Metal VPS servers: Base price 38.00 USD per month x 3 servers = 114.00 USD per month Each server has 100 cPanel accounts.

700 additional cPanel accounts = $140,00 per month.

Base price for 3 servers plus additional cPanel accounts = $254.00 per month + $18 x 3 CloudLinux licenses = $308.00 per month.

CloudLinux/CageFS are there (or at least won't be needed in Enhance anytime soon) because Enhance already has built-in account separation. Resource limits will be added soon, so a CloudLinux license costs less than $18 per month.


Enhance= $171.50 per month for 1000 sites (accounts).
cPanel = $308.00 per month for 1000 sites (accounts)

But, Imunify360 is great and available in cPanel, which is not available in Enhance, or there is no MailChannels plugin in Enhance, but it is available in cPanel. MailChannels prevents problems with blacklisted IP addresses to ensure successful mail delivery.

In addition, some may see this as both a plus and a minus. cPanel offers a Direct Store license and partner prices. All web hosts using cPanel partner licenses pay the same price. This makes it fair for all web hosts that resell cPanel.

Enhance offers lower prices for web hosts who want to host more than 1-5 000 websites, for hosting 5,001-25,000 websites for $0.05 less per month; For web hosting from 25,001 to 100,000 websites they pay less — $0.075.
I think it would be better if Enhance kept prices at $0.15, $0.10 or $0.075 for everyone to keep the competition fair.What do other people think about it? Is it worth offering 3 different pricing options from $0.15 to $0.075?

The main advantage for web hosts using cPanel right now is the use of Imunify360 and MailChannels.
Enhance backup also costs less as it has its own backup software that works flawlessly. Unlike the cPanel backup system, which is outdated and outdated to the point that you need to pay extra for JetBackup $5.95 per month or pay extra for using Acronis.

What is the Enhance response for Imunify360 and MailChannels?
These are the key differences between Enhance and cPanel.

feel free to discuss.


Is it the task of Enhance to integrate Imunify and Mailchannels into your product?
As far as I understand, Imunify can be installed as a separate package, why Enhance?
As for me, I think there are certain tasks that are part of the responsibilities of the server administrator.
Everything doesn't have to be a clickable button on the panel.

Perhaps if Enhance was a well-designed product. They may appreciate something special like this. But I'm not sure if there are any more.
I would be even more impressed with the control panel, which includes tools for server administrators so they can do small things themselves.
Server administrators can then create these add-ons as they see fit.

my 2 penny.