Create a subdomain in Fastpanel?

Started by searchcandy, Oct 09, 2022, 12:53 AM

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searchcandyTopic starter

Tell me how to create a subdomain in Fastpanel? There is no information on the Net. intuitively, it is not clear in the panel what and how to do..
+ own php settings for the subdomain are desirable.

sima singhs

Just add it as a new website, enter a subdomain there (Fastpanel).

For services there is no concept of subdomain at all, there are all different domain names.
because of the certificates, there may be problems because getting a certificate for Wild subdomains is generally a separate song, especially if there is no synchronization panel-DNS server.
Exactly the same snags can be if you add mirrors. It would seem that everything is fine, but you can't get a certificate for mirrors.
shortly, while there were no certificates, it was all good and convenient. Now, just start a separate web site, it will remove a lot of problems.