ISP manager or cPanel. Which is better?

Started by xiaolanzhuji, Aug 05, 2022, 12:13 AM

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ISP manager or cPanel. Which is better?
Please, give an urgent answer, I need to urgently change the control panel.


It is no secret that it is much more difficult for a novice user to choose the right hosting control panel than for an advanced administrator, for instance.
The best way to determine for yourself the most optimal hosting control panel is to check the control panel directly on the server with a real project. Although the user is not always given the opportunity to test different types of control panels before purchasing hosting, in order to determine the best panel.

ISP: One of the advantages of this control panel is that the panel is developed by a company that is directly related to hosting services and, accordingly, is closest to the needs of both hosting providers and customers.

Today ISP Manager is updated and improved monthly, and the process of updating the panel is automatic. Therefore, customers always have the opportunity to work with the latest version of the control panel.

The ISP hosting control panel provides 3 different versions of its product: Lite, Pro and Cluster. Each version differs in cost and variety of functions for managing sites and mail. Each client, depending on the requirements of his project, chooses the most relevant solution for himself.

Among the disadvantages of the control panel, it is worth noting the need to install the panel on a server without users and websites, and constant monthly updates can sometimes lead to program failures.

A very important aspect is that this hosting control panel consumes a small amount of system resources. The list of supported programs is constantly expanding, in addition, ISPmanager works on different versions of operating systems and does not change the structure of the operating system "for itself"

The ISP control panel is very easy to use, and such important operations as creating users, mailboxes, FTP connections, domains, sites can be completed within a few seconds.

For users, the control panel is primarily convenient due to:

1) A huge set of functions for managing the server or user account
2) Ease of transferring accounts between hosting providers with ISPmanager
3) Well organized control panel interface
4) Multilingual interface and documentation
5) Variety of interface design

For the admin, it is very important that the ISP supports various options for the web server (Apache, Nginx), mail server, database server, etc. A multi-level system of access rights will save the administrator from the work (which usually takes a lot of time) to establish domains, sites, mailboxes.
The ISP hosting control panel is suitable for all types of hosting, from shared hosting to Cloud VPS and dedicated servers. In addition, the ISP is installed without problems both with the Centos, Ubuntu, Debian or FreeBSD operating system, and with the Windows operating system.


cPanel is the undisputed leader in the control panel software industry. Many hosting companies and website owners prefer this app because of its simple, feature rich interface.
If we compare Cpanel with other control panels, we can note that the panel is based primarily on icons, and not on templates, however, in this regard, the panel takes up more disk space and server resources.

–°panel managed to create a system of two-level management of hosting accounts - user and reseller. For the reseller and administrator level, the WebHost Manager (WHM) program is used, for the user level, Cpanel is used directly.

This web hosting control panel is installed on almost all versions of Linux and FreeBSD, which is definitely a big plus.

Most users get used to and adapt to the panel so much that even when moving sites to another hosting company, users in the role of a control panel tend to get Cpanel on a new server from a new provider.

Cpanel gives you the ability to quickly and easily create a forum, blog, newsletter, and more. Additionally, after installation, you can track the number of visitors to your site.

Software Support CPanel is widely supported by various software vendors. The company provides a large number of applications, such as SpamAssassin, Webalizer and a software package bundled with Fantastico programs.
The spam filtering function will save users of the mail system from mass advertising mailings. Using the control panel, the administrator can create black and white lists of email addresses, thereby prohibiting or allowing the receipt of letters from certain addresses.

Cpanel is convenient in that all panel functions can be accessed from the main page, which is definitely convenient for beginners in the hosting industry.

The panel supports multi-language server skin management software, Rvskin, which supports about 20 languages.

cPanel also supports functions for working with MySQL databases, which make it possible to create and delete databases, add users, assign them rights to perform certain actions with the database, import and export databases using the phpMyAdmin application.

In addition, Cpanel provides the function of an integrated java application for ssh access to the server, which allows you to log into the server through the console directly from the control panel.

It is important that the panel is equipped with security features, for example, hotlink protection makes it possible to protect your files from access via direct links from third-party Internet resources. The program also has the ability to block certain ranges of IP addresses.

Among the shortcomings of the Cpanel panel, high system requirements can be distinguished, the system is rarely updated, the Panel and Webmail work on non-standard ports, when they are closed, there will be no access to the panel and the email interface.



cPanel and ISPmanager are convenient control panels for both conventional virtual hosting and server management.
cPanel may seem more complicated, and if you buy it separately, it is more expensive compared to ISPmanager.
But at the same time, the panel is reliable, constantly updated and has many opportunities to work.
ISPmanager is cheaper and completely Russian-speaking. She doesn't have such good documentation, but there are a lot of answers on forums where it is much easier to find information.

Another important factor that must first be taken into account when choosing a hosting/server control panel.
Hosting failures can often occur precisely because of panel updates or configuration incompatibilities.
According to most users, cPanel is reliable and stable for working with webhosting, and errors that may occur are very rare, which is reflected well on the reputation of the control panel.
But in any case, and on any web hosting, it is necessary to make fresh backups of information. Backups are a great habit for any hosting user. ISPmanager is also fairly stable software, but updates often occur that can make it difficult to work.