Where can I purchase cpanel Solo license?

Started by klara, Jun 23, 2022, 04:50 AM

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klaraTopic starter

I am looking for a cpanel Partner who sells the cpanel Solo license and accepts payments through Paypal. Do you happen to know any company?


I was under the impression that you can purchase solo licenses from cPanel directly. Did you attempt that ?
Because afaik, no partners sell external solo licenses. You can ask them directly in their forums or in their Slack/Discord channel.


only cPanel partners can offer the Solo cPanel license if they have been approved. Afaik the only other way to get the Solo cPanel license is to purchase the license directly from cPanel.

I don't know of any authorised distributors who sell the Solo cPanel license, and if they do it won't be enough of a saving to not go with a provider who is cPanel Partner.

You could switch your server to a provider who is an official cPanel partner and get the Solo cPanel licenses included free with each server that way.


cPanel Solo account (only one hosting account) starts at $15.00 monthly.

cPanel is a solution for more advanced users. It is more difficult to deal with it, besides, knowledge of English is required to read the documentation.

In terms of functionality, there is not much difference between the panels. Everything that can be done in one system is available in another. Security and backup tools are also of a comparable level.

In comparison, there is a place for subjective feelings. For instance, I immediately liked the ISPmanager interface more. But cPanel scared me a little when we first met. But for many, the situation is the opposite: cPanel is the height of logic and convenience, and ISPmanager is a complex panel with inadequate dissolution of settings.