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Started by alexfernando, Dec 01, 2022, 01:03 AM

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We are moving to a new hosting. The last one began to fall from the 1st day of the project launch.
How can I test the new hosting for stress resistance?


Try the standard apache bench utility (ab, from the httpd-tools package), as a rule I use the following parameters:
ab -t30 -c5
which makes 5 simultaneous requests to the site, for 30 seconds. At the same time, you can compare the number of completed requests.
Else service:

And first of all, no OpenVZ and other Virtuozzo.
VPS on this platform extremely provoke hosting providers to oversell, OpenVZ has a rake with the allocation of RAM, and everything except Xen handles the load on the disk poorly, and if the disk is loaded, the muscle will barely spin, this is critical for Drupal.
I myself used to sit on a VPS until I saw this kitchen from the inside, now I can't be pushed into a VPS, the only thing is that a friend opened a VPS hosting (not related to it-patrol in any way), maybe we'll cooperate with him and make a preset for Drupal, i.e. accelerator, muscle tweaks, etc.

Summary: there are no cheap and good VPS at the same time


it is easier to order a DDoS attack on your server for 5-20 minutes. It will be inexpensive, but a lot of information can be obtained, and if you communicate well with those who provide DDoS services, then you can agree on various tests (starting from channel clogging and ending with a DDoS attack on certain scripts or ports), which will quickly identify weaknesses.

Also try through .
Send a test subdomain to the new hosting and check on it how the load is maintained and whether it is blocked. Just don't test it too much, otherwise the host may be "Offended"


I join the question
we need a variety of tests to determine what the hosting will withstand.
especially interested in this scenario:
1. I unpack my system and configure and disconnect it from the "world"
2. check how many main guests will survive
3. check how much the site will withstand passing through 2-5 pages randomly
4. how many search queries will survive through the site system
5. how many registered users who walk on 3-10 pages from the TOP statistics will survive

basically a shared and inexpensive VPS