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Started by akeelow, Jun 25, 2022, 01:59 AM

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I'm potentially looking to have someone partner into my hosting business. I've been trading locally for a few years developing websites for local businesses, but have now branched online proving web hosting services. I've been floating around hosting industry for over 10 years and have always had my own servers, but have only ever had websites I've developed locally on them.

As far as the web hosting side goes I'm only looking for someone to partner into the hosting side of things, the local side (web development) will be ran separately as a separate entity, although I eventually want to merge these in the future and concentrate more on web hosting than web development.

The hosting brand is currently up and running and now being advertised. I have a fair bit of technical knowledge so we're pretty much covered from that side, although having someone else on board who's technical too would be great. Over the last 6 months (prior to opening) I've invested a lot of time and money into this ensuring that the servers are setup correctly, the brand is strong, logos, social media, business banking, payment gateways, website design etc etc - so I'd like someone who's as passionate as myself!

I'm happy to have a few chats and see where the partnering side of things would go. Having a partner for this is not a necessity but I'd be really interested to see if anyone would join me on this, and if so, great!

To be clear I'm looking for a partner to join my existing company, I'm not looking to become any sort of affiliate or earn commission on somebody else's services.

Please PM me your email address or Skype and we'll go from there.


Hey, I'm from the UK shoot me a message at system.operations.

let me know what your specifications are and what you are looking to do and i will let you know if we can work together.


Found out that my UK server does not respond. I called the hosting provider, asked to connect KVM to find out what was wrong with the server. But it was not required to connect KVM. The hosting provider told me - "the employees of the Ministry of UK Internal Affairs of Department K, on the basis of the Resolution on the conduct of a search (seizure), your server was seized."

Unfortunately, the hosting provider was not allowed to make a copy of one of the two papers that they were shown by the K department operatives. So I can't find out either the number of the criminal case or the full name of the investigator.

Now I am actively looking for a lawyer so that I don't have to wait until they call me and come with him to the operatives and find out about the reasons for the seizure of the server.