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Lightbulb*ZipServers - FREE Double RAM on any duoZ Dual Network Server*

ZipServers offers SUPERIOR Managed Servers and Technical Support:
x FREE Server Hardening!
x Managed Services included FREE on all servers!
x 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support on ALL servers (techs on duty 24-hours a day)
x cPanel, Plesk, Ensim & Helm NEW!, Direct Admin available*
x Disaster Protection Insurance available against hackers and DDOS attacks!**
x Earn ZipRewards good towards Hosting credits!
x PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Discover and Mastercard happily accepted


Double the base RAM in your duoZ server at no additional cost!
COUPON: 2GB total RAM - type RAM2GB in Coupon field.
COUPON: 4GB total RAM - type RAM4GB in Coupon field.
COUPON: 8GB total RAM - type RAM8GB in Coupon field.
COUPON: 16GB total RAM - type RAM16GB in Coupon field.
* Server must be capable of supporting RAM upgrade to be eligible. Offer good only on new server orders.

Below are just examples of how you can apply the Double RAM offer to get the most bang for your buck!

x Get a Dual Core Xeon 3060 with 4GB RAM and 250GB SATA II HD for only $179!
SPECIAL OFFER: Use COUPON RAM4GB to save $50 on this upgrade.

x Get a Quad Core Xeon 3220 with 8GB RAM and 250GB SATA HD for only $249!
SPECIAL OFFER: Use COUPON RAM8GB to save $100 on this upgrade.

Other Special Offers ::
SAVVIS AMD 64 Athlon 3800 + FREE 100 MBPS
x 160 GB SATA / 1 GB RAM / 1500GB SAVVIS Bandwidth
x 100 MBPS uplink- $10 MONTH VALUE - FREE w/ WHT COUPON
x $89/Month + $0 Setup
SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a FREE 100MBPS Uplink Port. - simply select 100 MBPS upgrade on order form and type WHT in the coupon field.

duoZ Dual Core Opteron 170 - 2.0 Ghz 2 x 1MB Cache
x YOUR CHOICE: 1GB RAM FREE or Additional 250 GB SATA Hard Drive FREE
x FREE 100MBPS Port Upgrade (10 MBPS normally)
x FREE IP Upgrade - 8 IP's Included! (4 IP's normally)
x 2,000 GB Premium Public Bandwidth & UNLIMITED Private Bandwidth
x Remote Reboot / 2,500 ZipReward Points / FREE Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS or Windows 2003
x $149/Month + $0 Quick Setup w/ Server LIVE within 2-4 hours after order approval!

Complete list of specials available at:

The ServerGenie has released the following 'Limited Time Only' & 'Name your Price' servers:

Genie Special Offer #1
SAVVIS AMD Sempron 2600/ 512MB RAM / 80GB HD / 1500GB BW / 100Mbps uplink / Name your Price!
Genie Special Offer #2
SAVVIS AMD Sempron 2600 / 1024MB RAM / 2 x 80GB HD / 1500GB BW / cPanel w/WHM & Fantastico / 100Mbps uplink / Name your Price!

Still don't see what you're looking for? Ask the ServerGenie for a custom server you name the price on!

About us
ZipServers customers earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Customers earn credits towards free hosting, upgrades, and managed services. For more information on how we reward our customers visit ZipRewards at:

* cPanel, Plesk, Ensim, Helm & Direct Admin license fees apply. Full pricing on order forms for these options.
** Available at extra charge
*** Additional upgrades are available at:
ZipServers, Inc.
866-ZIP-HOST / 214-206-1701
sales at
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