In Search Of: #1 Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program (It’s not who you think it is!)

Everyone wants to earn money from their web site. Many webmasters place Google Ad Words or Affiliate programs related to their content to add an extra revenue stream to their existing store or website. Finding the right programs is essential in bringing in money. Successful affiliate and Google Ad Words webmasters maximize every single inch of space. So what should you do? Go with Google Ad Words or find niche specific Affiliate programs? Maybe a combination of both is best?

I’ve spoken to many webmasters and the general consensus is they are not getting rich off of Google’s Ad Words. However, webmasters I’ve spoken with at various conferences I’ve attended who are using Affiliate programs are making significantly more money. The trick seems to be finding a related Affiliate program that meshes well with the content of your Web Site. The tighter the correlation of your site to the offer equals more success. Niche traffic does not hurt your cause either.

I decided to do a little research and find the top paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program.  I’ve heard of the top shared hosts like Blue Host paying out over a $100 for an affiliate referral to a top affiliate site. I could not confirm this payout level though. The Blue Host sites lists the actual payout at $65. That’s not bad, but my research yielded a company paying out 100% of the first months profit. The best part is the company has products that range in price from $79 a month to over $10,000 a month. Even a referral from their lowest package is more than the Blue Host pay out.

I decided to contact the Web Host with the 100% affiliate commission and ask what is the most they’ve ever paid out to an affiliate. They did not tell me the highest payout ever given, but did say:

Our current commissions range from $44.00 to $1,700.00, with an average commission of $139.62 per sale

So I bet you’re asking, who is the Web Host with the 100% affiliate commission and where can I join their affiliate program? It’s The Planet. You can join the affiliate program by clicking here.

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    I think there no best affiliate program on the internet, the way you are promoting the affiliate program is make you earn money. Very Nice blog. Thank for sharing.

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