Carat Networks Forges Strategic Infrastructure Partnership with Ubiquity Server Solutions

Hosting BlogHamilton, Ontario - Carat Networks, a leading global IT hosting service provider, announced today it has formed a strategic infrastructure partnership with Ubiquity Server Solutions, which will operate Carat Networks’ core network in Ontario and maintain local network gear in its datacenter facility.

Ubiquity is a leader in hosting infrastructure deployment, with more than 160,000 IPv4 addresses and nearly 80 million IPv6 addresses assigned to it by ARIN. Its operations currently span six datacenters and network operations reach 11 Points of Presence (POPs). Ubiquity’s vast scale makes it an ideal upstream provider for Carat Networks, which requires instant access bto additional network capacity in order to continue its robust growth.

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“Carat Networks has experienced tremendous, unforeseen growth in the past year. It has become clear that in order to maintain our growth trajectory in the months ahead, we must be able to rapidly scale our network infrastructure and have access to the latest in network technology. Our strategic partnership with Ubiquity Server Solutions enables us to meet our requirements and respond to the growing capacity demands from our customers,” said Chris Niedojadlo, CEO of Carat Networks.

“For more than five years, Ubiquity Server Solutions has deployed, managed, and maintain hosting infrastructure, always with a focus on performance and quality. By forming a strategic partnership with Carat Networks, we are able to leverage our scale to help Carat Networks meet its growing capacity and performance requirements,” said Clint Chapman, CTO of Nobis Technology Group, parent company of Ubiquity.

Carat Networks customers will not encounter any immediate service changes as a result of today’s partnership. In the months ahead, customers will notice decreased latency and overall enhanced network performance.

Carat Networks in June launched VPS.US, a wholly-owned subsidiary offering United States-based Virtual Private Servers powered by Cloud Hosting technology. All Virtual Private Servers hosted by the subsidiary will be physically located within the United States. Carat Networks also offers a wide variety of Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers.

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About Carat Networks

Truly “one Gem of a Canadian IT hosting company,” Carat Networks is a world leader in high-performance hosting services. Founded in 2008, the company today serves thousands of small to medium sized businesses, located on six continents and scattered across dozens of industries. Carat Networks is based in Hamilton, Ontario.

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