CCBill Launches New Website and Client Administration Tool

Web Hosting Forum – Tempe, AZ - CCBill, a global e-commerce solutions provider, announced today the launch of a newly redesigned website and a redesigned client admin portal. Both online entities feature updated navigation flows, user functionalities, and other enhancements to promote overall usability.

“We wanted to make things simpler and more benefit-oriented for our current clients, and for those new to taking online payments. The new website moves us more toward that goal, while simultaneously enabling merchants to learn about how our online payment processing solution can apply to their business models and needs,” said Jake Powers, VP of e-commerce for CCBill.

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In addition to its new design and architecture, one of the changes to involves the addition of short interactive quick guides to help online merchants supplement their e-commerce operations. These short mini-tutorials highlight anything from regional pricing options, customized e-mail communications, electronic invoices, and more, to illustrate how the services can be used right alongside a CCBill solution to help capture market opportunities.

Coinciding with the launch of the new website is the release of an updated Admin Portal to help clients manage their CCBill accounts. Featuring a new user interface and menu layout, the redesigned back-end administration system can assist with implementation.

“One of the things we sometimes hear from our current clients is they don’t know how to set up a feature or didn’t know that we offered it. The new portal layout helps address that, while at the same time showcasing all of the complimentary features we provide with an online payment processing solution, and underscoring what is covered on the website,” said Powers.

About CCBill
As a trusted leader in global payment solutions since 1998, CCBill maintains a comprehensive set of proprietary backend and Web-based administration systems to process high-risk transactions and effectively control markets that have a history of being overly aggressive. CCBill understands the credit card and payment industries and is committed to delivering innovative solutions to support the initiatives of clients and meet all compliance standards. An impeccable payment record, reliable problem-solving techniques and phenomenal consumer support underscore CCBill’s commitment to the markets it serves.

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