OpenDNS Announces IPv6 DNS Sandbox

Website News – San Francisco, CA — OpenDNS, the world’s largest and fastest-growing provider of Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced it is offering IPv6 support in production for its 20+ million users, as well as any network administrator tasked with migrating their network to the new protocol. The announcement is significant as OpenDNS is the first major recursive DNS service in the world to offer the service.

IPv6 was developed to satisfy the long-anticipated exhaustion of available IPv4 addresses. Where IPv4 allowed 32 bits in each address, IPv6 allows 128 bits, making available a significant lot of available addresses for the foreseeable future. Because IPv6 addresses are so long and difficult to remember, DNS plays a key role in IPv6 adoption by allowing the familiar Domain Name System (DNS) to ease the transition.

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OpenDNS, the favorite and most trusted DNS service of network administrators everywhere, engineered the IPv6-ready service to act as a sandbox for those tasked with managing networks of any size – from large enterprises, SMBs and universities to K-12 school districts and small organizations – and moving them to IPv6. By having access to the DNS testbed, they are able to experiment with the migration from IPv4 with one less item to worry about and ultimately move their network with confidence. Most business users today can request IPv6 addressing from their Internet Service Provider, or use a free IPv6 tunnel service like the one offered by

“OpenDNS has a long history of innovation and providing those services most important to network admins. The move to IPv6 is on everyone’s mind so a sandbox for IPv6-ready DNS is a service every network admin in the world can and will use. For network admins without IPv6 experience, they can quickly set up an IPv6 tunnel and start experimenting with the OpenDNS IPv6 DNS service,” said OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch. “The testbed is a service for the Internet at large, helping the global migration from IPv4 to IPv6. Needless to say, we’re more than proud to be the first recursive DNS service in the world to offer IPv6-ready DNS.”

OpenDNS’s other Domain Name System innovations and first-to-market services include:

- CacheCheck. The first-ever tool that allows Internet users insight into what is happening in their DNS and empowers them to manually refresh DNS caches on their own.
- SmartCache: The world’s most intelligent caching system. SmartCache makes Web sites that are effectively down for others accessible only on OpenDNS by trying the last known good IP address when the current IP address fails.
- OpenDNS Enterprise: The first-ever enterprise-class, cloud-based security service that uniquely blocks malware and botnets through the DNS by limiting ability to phone home.

The IPv6 addresses for the OpenDNS IPv6 DNS Sandbox are:

For more details about how to use the OpenDNS IPv6 and why it’s so significant, visit

About OpenDNS
OpenDNS is the world’s leading provider of Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Through DNS resolution, cloud-based Web content filtering and security services, OpenDNS empowers millions of households, schools and businesses to control how users navigate the Internet on their network, while dramatically increasing the network’s overall performance and reliability.

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