IvanExpert Announces Launch of IvanExpert Mac Wellness

Web Hosting ForumNew York, NY – IvanExpert (www.ivanexpert.com), a New York City-based IT consulting firm that provides advice and onsite technology support to individuals and business owners, announces today the launch of IvanExpert Mac Wellness, a unique monitoring service that prevents catastrophic computer losses before they occur.

Mac Wellness is the only widely available service that proactively detects computer problems on the Mac. It monitors sixteen potential issues, including onsite and cloud backups, hard drive errors, memory errors and other things that could impact performance. Subscribers will receive an instant notification if any problems are detected, as well as a weekly summary detailing the result of all tests performed. Fees for Mac Wellness range from $29 per month to $99 per month, and installation can be done remotely.

The launch of Mac Wellness represents a significant expansion for IvanExpert. “Over the past ten years, we’ve developed a deep expertise about Apple devices through our work with Apple users in and around the New York City area,” said Ivan Drucker, a former Apple engineer and founder of IvanExpert. “With Mac Wellness, we are excited to offer the same level of knowledge, experience and advice to Mac users throughout the country.”

As more and more individuals regularly use Mac computers for personal, daily needs, the threat associated with an eventual computer crash, loss, theft or performance problem becomes even greater. “Digital information is incredibly valuable and the idea of losing years worth of personal emails, pictures or documents is devastating, not to mention the costs associated with trying to recover important documents,” said Caroline Green, CEO of IvanExpert. “Mac Wellness offers Mac users an easy, affordable way to safeguard against that.”

About IvanExpert:
IvanExpert (www.ivanexpert.com) is a New York City-based Apple technology and consulting firm. They provide onsite IT support and advise on how to leverage technology to be more efficient and productive. Caroline Green and Ivan Drucker, Principals of IvanExpert, also write a widely read column for New York Reports on cutting-edge technology trends. For media inquires, contact Caroline Green at caroline(at)ivanexpert(dot)com.

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