ViUX Offers SmarterTools Software Bundle with Each New Windows VPS

Web Hosting ForumRaleigh, NC – ViUX Systems is now a SmarterTools Bundle Provider, allowing ViUX to “bundle” SmarterTools software along with Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) / Private Cloud Servers and Dynamic Dedicated Servers.

The SmarterTools Software Bundle (an $800 value), includes licenses for: SmarterMail Professional (250 Mailboxes); SmarterStats Profesional (50 Sites); and SmarterTrack Professional (2 Agents) – as a Software Bundle at no additional cost beyond that of the server itself.

ViUX customers ordering a Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with Windows are now presented with the option of selecting the SmarterTools Bundle within the [Server Software] section of the configuration / order form for: [Mail Server]; [Stats Server]; and/or [Support Server]. This enables the SmarterTools Bundle option for the selected server function(s) and prompts the auto-install of the related application and automatic license provisioning via the SmarterTools API.

If all three applications offered within the SmarterTools Bundle from ViUX are not needed, customers may deselect any as desired, such as if only SmarterMail and/or SmarterStats are needed, but SmarterTrack is not. This will result in only those selected applications being installed on the new server, but licenses will still be provided for all three as a part of the SmarterTools Bundle should the customer later wish to try the other application(s).

To aid customers in configuring their server properly, the server configuration form will pre-select enough Memory and CPU resources to handle the selected software, and there may be a one-time setup / install fee applied for each selected application; however the software licenses are provided for the customer to keep and use for as long as they wish.

Since ViUX is also a Reseller and Lease-Reseller of SmarterTools software, upgrades from the versions and editions of the software provided in the SmarterTools Bundle are always available from at

To learn more about ViUX Systems and SmarterTools software licensing options, please visit: or call 1-866-858-VIUX (8489).

About ViUX Systems, Inc.
ViUX Systems is a privately held North Carolina Corporation established in 2003 – with the mission to provide individuals and businesses of all types and sizes with the Web / Internet Technology and Software Solutions required to offer their products and services to the world… with Vision, Understanding, & eXperience in Web Services.

About SmarterTools, Inc.
Founded in 2003, SmarterTools Inc. is an information technology-management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona. SmarterTools builds a Windows Mail Server (SmarterMail), Customer Service Software (SmarterTrack), and Web Log Analytics and SEO Software (SmarterStats) – that simplify and automate the day-to-day IT operations of businesses and Web Hosting environments in over 100 countries.

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