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Default Please help! My website got dos and host account got hacked!

I am not sure if i should post here but oh well..just going to ask for help regarding this.

There was a thread on a rival forum with me and they were discussing about cookiegrabbing me and dos my site. We were in a msn conference and a programmer from their forum also said that he would dos my site once he gets back from work and find a way into my hosting account and shut my site down. I have repeatedly warn him i would take legal action if he ever does it because this guy is a douchebag as he has dos and shut many sites down in the past.

I went to login to my site this morning and realised it was redirected me to my host. I tried to login into my cpanel but the password got changed and im sure that guy either dos my site or hack into my hosting account, drop my database and changed my password.

I am really disturbed by this as my site just started picking up and got tons of members lately and we put so much effort into setting this site up with all the vbulletin modifications, add-ons and templates. I even spent like $250 on 5 premium templates and managed to really build this site up to where we are now but apparantely is all gone. Now i might have to restart as my co-admin wanted to backup the datbase when we moved to our new server tonight so meaning we did not have any database backup.

This whole issue started as a rival site thinks that my site was a threat to them so they tried all sort of ways to shut my site down. Alas they hacked into my hosting account and changed my password and dropped my database.

This is really depressing and distressing for me. I mean I have really put in so much effort for my site, it means everything to me. It is only 2 weeks old but we have like more than 200 members and 50000 post counts. I spent all my time working on the modifications for this site and the customised templates. I was even intending to oranise a christmas contest for my members and now it just dawned on me all my efforts were gone thanks to that rival site. If anyone can help me do something about this, i will be utmostly grateful and in future i will help any of you if it is within my means.
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