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07-15-2003, 07:42 AM
BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com) Summer Madness Offer
50% Extra Space on the next 50 accounts.
1,500 MB of Space for $20/Month
BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com) offer True Unlimited domains reseller Hosting accounts. Host any number of domains at NO extra charge!

Is BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com) the host for you?

Are you fed up with your current host?

Is their support and service letting you down time and time again?

Are you an entrepreneur, wanting to dip your toes in the murky water of the hosting industry? We can hold your hand!

Do you have more than one web site to host?

Then BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com) is the host for you.

We offer rock solid true unlimited domain reseller hosting accounts, EVERY account comes with personalised nameservers to ensure that we remain anonymous to your clients.

We utilise the industry standard control panel – CPanel, which gives you and your clients full control over your accounts.

And just in case you need more convincing we are offering 50% extra free space on the next 50 Plans ordered.

Our Normal Plans

1,000 MB of Space – 15,000 MB of Transfer – UNLIMITED domains - $20/Month
2,000 MB of Space – 30,000 MB of Transfer – UNLIMITED domains - $30/Month
3,000 MB of Space – 45,000 MB of Transfer – UNLIMITED domains - $40/Month
4,000 MB of Space – 60,000 MB of Transfer – UNLIMITED domains - $50/Month
5,000 MB of Space – 75,000 MB of Transfer – UNLIMITED domains - $60/Month

Special offer specs for the next 50 Plans purchased:

1,500 MB of Space for $20/Month :D
3,000 MB of Space for $30/Month :D
4,500 MB of Space for $40/Month :D
6,000 MB of Space for $50/Month :D
7,500 MB of Space for $60/Month :D


Moving from another host?

If your existing host is using Cpanel we will move your account for you (you do not need to get any information from your existing host, nor will they know you are moving until you cancel your account.) This service is offered by BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com) free of charge.

No compete clause:

We guarantee that we will not compete with you for the same customers. This should be very important to potential resellers. As a seller of hosting the last thing you want is for your provider to be offering single domain hosting - i.e. competing with you for the same business.


Our account come with a myriad of features, including CPanel which gives you and your clients complete control over accounts. In addition Fantastico is standard allowing you to install some very popular scripts with just a few clicks.


Our servers are located in the NAC datacenter in New Jersey. We use top of the range equipment and ensure that our servers are never overloaded. We have a third party monitoring service in place which ensures that we are first to know about any problems with the server.

BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com) Support:

We understand that without our customers we would not exist. For this reason we place a great amount of effort and time into ensuring that each and every customer is fully content with the service we provide. We understand what customers need - great uptime, quality support, comprehensive documentation and no hidden charges.

If you have any question please feel free to post in our forum, email sales@bluewho.com or PM us.

So sign up now for this limited offer:
BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com) Summer Madness Offer
50% Extra Space on the next 50 accounts.
1,500 MB of Space for $20/Month
Adrian :) :)
BlueWho.com (http://bluewho.com)