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View Full Version : DiscountASP.NET Launches FREE Advanced Intellect Email Components

11-11-2004, 05:05 PM
DiscountASP.NET announces the launch of Advanced Intellect's newest versions of aspNetPOP3 v2, aspNetMime v2, and aspNetEmail v3. These powerful .NET email components are available as part of our webhosting package at no cost.

aspNetPOP3 is an advanced POP3 server component used to retrieve POP3 email. It can download headers or messages, individually, or as ArrayLists and DataTables, providing data-bindable emails. aspNetPOP3 v2 now includes built in synchronous and asynchronous DNS blacklist support for Spam checking.

aspNetMime is a server-side component that can be used to parse email/MIME messages and programmatically access any part of a message. aspNetMime now includes delayed delete capability and automatic HTML to plain text format conversion utility.

aspNetEmail is a .NET email component which allows you to send email from any .NET application. aspNetEmail v3 includes even more control over email content, from loading HTML behind password protected sites to new functionality for embedding images, and now also includes built in calendaring support.

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