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View Full Version : Website hosted by Adiungo got blocked

03-20-2005, 08:48 PM
I could not connect to my server for one day and one night. And they told me that is because I opened more than 3 SSH windows in 3 minutes, so my IP would be blocked in their firewall. The whole website also could NOT be accessed after that block...

I doubt this explaination because this was not happening before: I could open as many SSH session as I want (usually 4). This "open >3 SSH will cause IP block" rule sounds weird to me..Anyone here has any similar experience or any advice?


04-25-2005, 01:56 PM
Hi all,

This block occurred due to the security mechanisms we have in place to prevent customer's VPS accounts from being compromised by "brute force" dictionary attacks.

Since the customer opened a large number (i can't be specific about the actual number in a public forum) of SSH windows in quick succession, the system viewed this as an attempted scan for weak passwords, and blocked the IP at our border routers. The IP was only blocked for a short time (again, i can't go into specifics on a public forum - if you need further info, please feel free to contact us via sales /at/ adiungo.com), but since the customer continued to repeat the procedure each time the IP became unblocked, he was blocked repeatedly.

Once we were contacted, we were able to quickly tweak the settings to allow this customer to use the server unimpeded.

We do apologize for the inconvenience caused - as our customers know, however, security is a way of life at Adiungo, and we feel that the inconvenience caused by having to contact us to get a security setting tweaked is much less than that of having to re-secure a server following a compromise.

Again, if you have any questions regarding this or any of our services, please contact us.