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10-03-2005, 08:57 AM
You want to be a web host?

We will be able to help you in your venture by leading you to the information that you will need to know. With the proper planning you will be well on your way to becoming a web host. The key word is planning; there are many decisions to be made some need to be made in the right order.

Here is a list of items you need to be thinking about.

Get your Domain Name.
In this section it is explained how and where to get your domain name.

Register your domain.
Another domain can be useful for testing.

But if you going to Resell or have your own server.

- If you are not familiar with Linux/Windows server- Reselling might be best to start.

Whatever you decide to do be sure to take a close look at the company.

Do not just go by price; find one who has been around a while.

- Are you going to want to offer you customers’ domain names?
There are many domain reseller plans available; most have a sizeable upfront fee to get started.

You might be able to get a deal from your host.

Do you need a Business License and other legal issues.
You should check to see if you need a business license.
Should you form a legal company? (Inc, LLC, LLP, DBA)
TOS, AUP, & Hosting Agreements

How to get Paid?
You need to see if your host offers any service, a few do.
There are several ways to accept payment, you can get a Merchant account or you can use one of the many third party services. For more information read Getting Paid

Learn to how to use your control panels.
Test everything, get use to how thing work and why.
A second domain for testing comes in handy.

Build your own Support Website.
Take the time to build a support web site for your customers. You can learn a lot your-self by reading the information and testing as you go.
Check to see if you can use the information from your reseller host or the company you got the server from, most do not mind.

What hosting plans are you going to offer.
It does not matter if you have you own server or just reselling you have to make reasonable plans.
Do some research at established hosts websites, look closely at what they are offering and then figure out what you can offer.

Build your own Company Website.
Build it.
Test it.
Check it for Meta tags.
Submit it to search engines.
Give a few free accounts away to test 3 -12 months. (use caution)

Now that you have clients you must provide support and properly bill them. You first customers are extremely important; at least 50% of all new hosting clients come from referrals. From my experience poor support is the number one reason for leaving a host, don't let it happen to you.

There is lots more which you should take care when starting your hosting business or running a hosting business. Business means- Revenue .

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