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View Full Version : IX Web Hosting the Worst

03-04-2006, 10:19 AM
I have never had worse service from any hosting company. I run some groups on Yahoo Groups. Over and over their automatic spam protection blocks all email from Yahoo groups. They can't seem to stop this problem. It has happended 3 times in a month and they are totally uncooperative. Their 24/7 technical assistance usually means waiting on hold for an hour and then no one knows anything and no one can do anything. If they are your host and anyone with an email address gets identified as sending too much email they block the entire block of IP addresses. So someone using the same ISP as a spammer will be blocked by them. If that someone is a client or a friend of yours you will not be able to get email from them. If you get email from any discussion groups or lists get ready to not get that mail. I have been an internet user from before the days of graphics on the internet and this is the worst hosting company I have ever used.